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Sexy Girl Arkon 1980 German pinball conversion for Bally's 'Playboy', Color flyer
Iron Maiden Comic Book Stern Pinball 2018 Legacy of the beast 14 page comic book
Willy Wonka Limited Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Bride of Pinbot 2.0 Dutch Pinball 2014 Upgrade kit for the Williams "The Machine: Bride of Pin·Bot"
The Addams Family Bally 1992 Best selling pinball machine of all time
Theatre Of Magic Bally 1995 Magic trunk magnet levitates ball and makes it 'disappear' to start multi-ball
The Godfather Petaco 0 Petaco made an export version as Recel's 1974 'The Godfather'
Stranger Things Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2020 Limited edition flyer
Revenge From Mars Bally 1999 This was first game into production under the Pinball 2000 (PB2K) platform
A Go Go Williams 1966 First machine to use a captive ball spinner, invented by Norm Clark
Flipp Foto Weiko 1979 Add-on device snaps a polaroid picture when the player wins a free game
Woman Lib Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Elvira's House of Horrors L.E Stern Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Star Explorer Rapid 1977 Home model (non-commercial machine - no coins)
Congo Williams 1995 Produced as a complete game and a conversion kit for WPC games
Go Girl Custom 1995 Postcard, Re-themed Williams 'Earthshaker', Camera and monitor in backbox
The Rolling Stones Stern Pinball 2011 European version flyer
Total Nuclear Annihilation Spooky Pinball 2017 Early 80’s Bally influenced machine designed by Scott Danesi
Diamond Plate Playfields Williams 1988 Promo for Diamond Plate playfields, WPC system and Mylar letterhead
Aspen Brunswick/Briarwood 1977 Home model (no coins), Rare Briarwood version flyer
Mr Doom Recel 1979 Similar playfield as Recel's 1978 'Mr. Evil'
The Addams Family Bally 1992 Shot map
Big Top Wico 1977 Home model (non-commercial machine - no coins)
Rodeo Brunswick/Briarwood 1977 Home model (no coins), Briarwood was a division of Brunswick
Stranger Things U.V Kit Stern Pinball 2019 Enhances the UV ink that is printed on the playfield
Super Star Brunswick/Briarwood 1976 Home model (no coins), Briarwood was a division of Brunswick
Ballerina Bally 1948 Same playfield layout as Bally's 1948 'Melody'
Circe's Animal House Heighway Pinball 2012 Rare version shows girl with 2 right feet :)
AC/DC Premium & Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2012 Let there be Rock, Premium & Back in Black
Medieval Madness Remake L.E Chicago Gaming 2015 Limited edition with gold trim
Star Explorer Sentinel 1977 Home model, Also shown are Flying Aces, Demo Derby, CB Charlie
Night Moves Int. Concepts 1989 Cocktail table, Made by Premier under contract for International Concepts
South Park Sega 1999 Sega's last pinball game; production would be continued by Stern Pinball
Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle Spooky Pinball 2017 Solid rock edition flyer
Dialed In Comic Book Jersey Jack Pinball 2017 12 page comic book
Jurassic Park Data East 1993 Motion picture, Dinosaur eats ball, Raptor kicks, 6 ball multi-ball
Cosmic Princess Stern Electronics 1979 Released by Leisure & Allied Industries (Australia), Optional photomat unit
AC/DC Luci Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2013 Luci premium version flyer
Nine Ball Stern Electronics 1980 After 60 + software revisions 'Nine Ball' still had problems on location
The Empire Strikes Back Hankin 1980 Australian, Widebody, Last pinball machine built by Hankin
Brunswick Home Pinball Brunswick/Briarwood 1978 Multi game flyer showing multiple home model pinball machines
Firepower Williams 1980 Introduced 'lane change' activated by pressing the right flipper button
TX Sector Gottlieb 1988 German version flyer
Playboy Bally 1978 Hugh Hefner with Playmates Patti McGuire and Sondra Theodore
Kingpin Illinois Pinball 2010 Remake attempt of Capcom's 1996 Kingpin, Never produced
Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle Spooky Pinball 2017 KingPin Games version flyer
The Simpsons Pinball Party Stern Pinball 2003 Custom speech by Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright and Hank Azaria
Cosmic Carnival Suncoast Pinball 2019 Single sided flyer
Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle Spooky Pinball 2017 Solid rock edition postcard
Cobra Nuova Bell Games 1987 Inspired by the movie 'Cobra' with Sylvester Stallone
Abra Ca Dabra Gottlieb 1975 Also made as the add-a-ball 'Team One' and the Italian 'Kicker'
Stranger Things Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2020 Premium version flyer
Wizard Of Oz Limited Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2013 Horizontal flyer with emerald green trim
AC/DC L.E.D Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2014 L.E.D pro version flyer
Ro Go Bally 1974 Horseshoe lane, Double-gated ball return lane, Mushroom bumper
Professional Pinball Professional Pinball 1981 Professional Pinball Players Association advertising flyer
Kiss Bally 1979 Based on the rock band of the same name, 6 page flyer
Attack From Mars Remake Chicago Gaming 2017 Remake of Bally's 1995 'Attack from Mars'
Avatar Stern Pinball 2010 3-D backglass, Stern begins using their new Logo
Munsters Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Asteroid Annie And The Aliens Gottlieb 1980 The last 1 player machine produced by Gottlieb
Batman 66 Crime Fighters Form Stern Pinball 2017 Crime fighters update flyer
Party Animal Bally 1987 U.K version flyer
Captain Fantastic Bally 1977 Home model (non-commercial machine - no coins)
Black Knight: Sword of Rage L.E Stern Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Black Magic 4 Recel 1980 4 player version (also made in a 1 player version)
Zoo Park/New Canasta MarsaPlay 2012 Zoo Park is a redemption game made in 2012, New Canasta was made in 2010
Jurassic Park Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Pro version flyer
Deadpool Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2018 Limited edition flyer
Galaxy Ranger Bally 1978 Home model (non-commercial machine - no coins)
Creature From The Black Lagoon Bally 1992 Hologram of creature under playfield in simulated lagoon
Antares Nordamatic 1979 Only solid state game by Nordamatic
Spectrum Bally 1982 Only 994 games produced, Based on the board game 'Mastermind'
Batman The Dark Knight Stern Pinball 2008 Ramp diverts the ball to the batmobile bridge or an upper mini-playfield
Black Fever Playmatic 1980 CPU-controlled 8-track tape player provides some speech and disco music
Fireball Bally 1976 Home model (no coins), Sold in Sears in 1978 for about $700
Centigrade 37 Gottlieb 1977 Backbox animation (thermometer advances when playfield targets are hit)
The Big Lebowski/Bride of Pinbot Dutch Pinball 2016 Cointaker postcard featuring The Big Lebowski and Bride Of Pinbot
Earthshaker Williams 1989 Machine shakes at certain times during a game to simulate an earthquake
Aces & Kings Williams 1970 First use of the playfield spinner by a U.S. manufacturer
The Machine - Bride of Pinbot Williams 1991 2nd in a series of 3 Pinbot games including 'Pin·Bot' and 'Jack·Bot'
Breakshot Capcom 1996 E.M style, Scores appear as score reel numbers, Simulated chime sound
Lucky Strike Gottlieb 1975 Italian version of 'Gold Strike', Add-a-ball version of 'El Dorado'
Aerosmith Pro Edition Tecnoplay 2017 Italian version flyer
Fussball Europa Flipper Automatenbau Förster 1967 Head to head pinball, German version
Captain Fantastic Bally 1976 Inspired by the movie 'Tommy' featuring Elton John
Diamond Lady Gottlieb 1988 German version flyer
Saturn Nordamatic 1977 The award for extra balls is announced by the sound of a trumpet
Jurassic Park Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Premium edition flyer
Terminator 2 Williams 1991 Promo flyer for an official limited edition T2 jacket
Big Dick Fabulous Fantasies 1997 Custom conversion of Williams 'Big Deal', 4 games were made
Space Panther M.A.C 1988 System 4 conversion kit pinball machine
Soccer Champ Valco 0 Playfield is the same as Bell Games World Cup / World Championship
Cosmic Flash NSM/Lowen 1985 German, "Pin-kit" system, Licensed from Bell Games
Aladdin's Castle Bally 1976 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, Aladdin's Alley (horseshoe lane)
Flash Dragon Playmatic 1986 Beating high score receives Polaroid photo from camera in backbox
Hobbit L.E Smaug Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2016 Limited edition Smaug version with shiny gold colored trim
Indiana Jones Williams 1993 Widebody, Player controlled tilting upper playfield, Rotating idol head
Alien/Full Throttle Heighway Pinball 2017 Cointaker postcard featuring Alien and Full Throttle
Celts Haggis 2021 Australian, Pre-production 2 sided flyer