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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
V.1 I.D.S.A 1986 Believed to be IDSA's first machine
Vacation America Chicago Gaming 2003 Home model (non-commercial machine - no coins)
Vagabond Williams 1962 The first pinball machine to have a drop target
Valiant Williams 1962 4 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 3 passive bumpers, 2 swinging targets
Vampire Bally 1971 Left outlane kickback, Free ball gate, Up-post between flippers
Vector Bally 1982 Double level playfield, Digital display built into playfield
Vector Bally 1982 German version flyer
Vegas Game Plan 1979 Cocktail table, Space age 2-way sounds
Vegas Gottlieb 1990 A simple design "Street level" game
Velocity Ball Grand Products 1986 Balls are propelled with speed around the track by air power
Venom Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2023 Limited edition flyer
Venom Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2023 Premium version flyer
Venom Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2023 Pro version flyer
Verne's World Spinball 1996 Widebody, Volcano erupts for multiball
Victory Gottlieb 1987 German version flyer
Victory Gottlieb 1987 First game to use a "Vitrigraph" mylar overlay for it's playfield
Video Pinball Atari 1979 Video arcade game with pinball theme
Video Pinball Arcooda 2016 Virtual pinball machine
Viking Bally 1980 Brook Shields depicted on the backglass as a background character
Viking Williams 1960 Styling of the 60's with aluminum trim and tapered steel legs
Viking Playmatic 1970 1 player wedgehead, Cigarette holder on each side rail
Viper Stern Electronics 1981 Widebody, 3 ball multi-ball, Round turret in the center of the playfield
Viper Night Drivin' Sega 1998 Black Light feature for "Night Drivin" with glow in the dark balls
Viper Night Drivin' Sega 1998 Flyer made for car dealerships with $3,995 price tag on flyer
Viper Night Drivin' Sega 1998 German version flyer
Viper Night Drivin' Sega 1998 Pre-production flyer, Price advertised as $3,995
Virtual Pinball TAB 2003 Austrian, 42'' plasma display, Michael Jackson used to own this game
Volcano Gottlieb 1981 How to play flyer in French
Volcano Gottlieb 1981 Widebody, Shooter lane has moving guide to vary direction of ball
Volley Gottlieb 1976 Based on the Bobby Riggs - Billie Jean King "Battle of the Sexes"
Vulcan Gottlieb 1977 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1977 'Fire Queen'