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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Eager Beaver Williams 1965 Illuminated backglass marquee. Drop-down cabinet
Earth Wind Fire Zaccaria 1981 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 4 bank drop targets, Kick-out hole
Earthshaker Williams 1989 Machine shakes at certain times during a game to simulate an earthquake
Easy Aces Gottlieb 1955 Transition to metal legs, Backbox light animation (playing cards light up)
Egg Head Gottlieb 1961 Similar playfield as Gottlieb's 1963 'Square Head'
Eight Ball Bally 1977 First game with a memory, Used chimes instead of electronic sound
Eight Ball (8 Ball) Williams 1966 Introduced the 'split bank' to keep track of targets hit by each player
Eight Ball (8 Ball) Williams 1952 Backwards flippers (drain lane between flippers)
Eight Ball Champ Bally 1985 German version flyer
Eight Ball Champ Bally 1985 Third in the 8 Ball Series designed by George Christian, No multi-ball
Eight Ball Deluxe Bally 1981 Some of the first games had plastic playfields
Eight Ball Deluxe Bally 1981 Postcard, U.K version
Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition Bally 1982 The original was so successful it was produced again in this limited edition
El Dorado Gottlieb 1975 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1975 'Gold Strike'
El Dorado City Of Gold Gottlieb 1984 The last game produced by Mylstar but was continued by Premier
El Gran Chaparral Emagar 1976 Cult television series broadcast on NBC between 1967 and 1971
El Rancho Keeney 1962 No flippers, This 1 player game has projection scoring at top of backbox
El Toro Bally 1972 New improved all-steel front door with the diamond shape in the middle
El Toro Williams 1963 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, Rotating drum in playfield indicates target value
Electronic System 3 Recel 1980 Fold-out flyer describing Recel's electonic system
Elektra Bally 1981 First 3-level playfield. Only standard width 3-level playfield game
Elektra Bally 1981 Pre-release flyer, Printed in bottom right corner 'arriving January 1982'
Elektra Bally 1981 German version flyer
Elite Guard Gottlieb 1968 Italian version of Gottlieb's 1968 'Palace Guard'
Elton John C.E & P.E Jersey Jack Pinball 2023 Combo flyer with collectors edition & platinum edition
Elton John Collectors Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2023 Collectors edition flyer
Elton John Platinum Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2023 Platinum edition flyer
Elton John Promo Jersey Jack Pinball 2023 Promo card 9" X 4"
Elvira And The Party Monsters Bally 1989 Broken bones plastics referred to Dennis Nordman's motorcycle accident
Elvira's House Of Horrors Stern Pinball 2021 40th anniversary flyer
Elvira's House Of Horrors Stern Pinball 2023 Blood Red Kiss Edition
Elvira's House of Horrors L.E Stern Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Elvira's House of Horrors Premium Stern Pinball 2019 Premium edition flyer
Elvira's House of Horrors Signature Stern Pinball 2019 Signature edition flyer
Elvis Stern Pinball 2004 Mechanical Elvis toy, 5 bank drop target, Second-level playfield
Elvis Stern Pinball 2004 Single sided flyer
Embryon Bally 1981 The fifth and last widebody pinball from Bally
The Empire Strikes Back Hankin 1980 Australian, Widebody, Last pinball machine built by Hankin
Eros One Fascination 1979 Cocktail table, Chimes for sound, LED modules for scoring, 8 sided cabinet
Escape Jac Van Ham 1987 Holland, 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, Captive ball
Escape From The Lost World Bally 1988 German version flyer
Escape From The Lost World Bally 1988 Double level playfield, Introduced new diagnostics system
Escape From The Lost World Bally 1988 Poster size flyer with blue background
Eureka Bally 1948 This is a reissue of Bally's 1938 'Eureka'
Euromat Deluxe/Super 2 Aisch & Melchers 1964 German, Wall-mounted game, The playfield is sloped towards the player
Evel Knievel Bally 1977 Produced in both E.M and S.S versions
Evil Fight Playmatic 1980 Starting the game plays the Close Encounters tune
Excalibur Gottlieb 1988 2-ball multiball, No slingshots, Hand-drawn translite
Exciting Pinball Art Irving Kaye 1979 Limited edition of 6 backglasses to collect
Explorer Sega/Japan 1972 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Expo Williams 1969 Backbox animation (backglass spinner), Center Up-post
Expressway Bally 1971 Spelling 'EXPRESSWAY' in order earns the special, Up-post
Extra Inning Williams 1962 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)