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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Bell Ringer/Nudge It Gottlieb 1990 Redemption machine, Dispenses tickets, No flippers or bumpers
KZ-26/The Raid/Nautilus Playmatic 1984 Four machines on one flyer
Nags Williams 1960 Backbox animation (horses race)
Naples Williams 1957 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 4 passive bumpers, 6 kick-out holes
Nascar Stern Pinball 2005 Same game as Stern's 2005 'Grand Prix' (not available in USA or Canada)
Nautilus Zaccaria 1977 Backglass shows the words "Bonus Ball" silkscreened to light from behind
Navajo A.M.I 1976 Postcard, The 1 player version of this game is AMI's 1976 'Big Hunt'
NBA Stern Pinball 2009 Spinning disk, Basketball backboard with magnet
NBA Fastbreak Bally 1997 Back box animation with flipper shooting orange ball through hoop
NBA Fastbreak Bally 1997 Linked version flyer
Nebula Broz 1999 Canadian, Custom machine designed by Marc and Charles Goyette
Nemesis Peyper 1986 Game designer "E. Pingarrón" written below the left flipper
New Canasta MarsaPlay 2010 Remake of Inder's 1986 'Canasta 86', Camera in backbox
New Excitement From Atari Atari 1977 Generic flyer promoting Atari's latest games
New People/New Money Stern Pinball 2017 Double sided flyer
New Star's Phoenix Zaccaria 1987 This and 'Star's Phoenix' are the only 2 multiball games produced by Zaccaria
New Tournament System Stern Pinball 2006 Stern's new tournament system from World Poker Tour forward
New Wave Bell Games 1985 Conversion kit, Similar playfield as Bally's 1984 'Black Pyramid'
New World Playmatic 1976 4 player version of Playmatic's 1976 'Conquest 200'
New York Gottlieb 1976 Postcard, Celebrating the lifting of the laws that banned pinball in N.Y
New York Th. Bergmann 0 German manufacturer, Year made unknown?
NFL Stern Pinball 2001 Based on "Striker Xtreme" (soccer themed) Re-produced as "NFL"
NFL Stern Pinball 2001 Jet's/Giants 2 sided flyer
NFL Stern Pinball 2001 Game built exclusively for distributor Betson/ Imperial, 1-sided flyer
Niagara Gottlieb 1951 Backbox light animation (people tumble down waterfall as targets are hit)
Night Fever Sonic 1979 Based on the 1977 Hollywood movie "Saturday Night Fever"
Night Moves Int. Concepts 1989 Cocktail table, Made by Premier under contract for International Concepts
Night Rider Bally 1976 Produced in both solid state and electromechanical versions
Night Rider Bally 1977 German solid state version flyer
Nine Ball Stern Electronics 1980 After 60 + software revisions 'Nine Ball' still had problems on location
Nine Ball Stern Electronics 1980 German version flyer
Nine Sisters (9 Sisters) Williams 1953 First pinball machine to use a ramp on playfield
Nip It Bally 1973 German version flyer
Nip It Bally 1973 Used on the set of Arnold's Drive-in on the T.V show 'Happy Days'
Nitro Ground Shaker Bally 1980 Flyer names it "Ground Shaker" but the backglass adds "Nitro"
Nitro Ground Shaker Bally 1980 Associated Leisure version flyer
No Fear Williams 1995 Four multi-ball modes, Magnetic ball acelerator, Talking Skull
No Good Gofers Williams 1997 Floating slam ramp to upper playfield, Gofers pop up & down
North Star Gottlieb 1964 Backglass: the words 'Game Over' are obvious when not lit
Nostalgia Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Now Gottlieb 1971 It was not uncommon for operators to modify games for 5-digit scoring
Ted Nugent Stern Electronics 1978 Ted Nugent taken from the cover of his album Weekend Warriors
Zoo Park/New Canasta MarsaPlay 2012 Zoo Park was made in 2012, New Canasta was made in 2010