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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Q Bert's Quest Gottlieb 1983 Widebody, Also produced as a video game called 'Q Bert' in 1982
Quarterback Bally 1976 Japanese flyer distributed by 'Taito'
Quarterback Bally 1976 The objective is to move a football down the field to score touchdowns
Quarterback Genco 1957 Pitch-and-bat with a football theme
Quartette Gottlieb 1952 4 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 4 trap holes
Que Bueno M.A.M 1966 Reverse wedge head backbox, Same playfield layout as MAM's 'Mexico'
Queen Of Diamonds Gottlieb 1959 Backbox animation (roto-target in backbox), Similar to 'World Beauties'
Queen Of Hearts Gottlieb 1952 First game to introduce the gobble hole scoring feature
Quick Draw Gottlieb 1975 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1975 'Fast Draw'
Quicksilver Stern Electronics 1980 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 3 & 4-bank drop targets, 2 rollunder spinners
Quintette Gottlieb 1953 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 5 gobble holes
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