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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Q Bert's Quest Gottlieb 1983 Widebody, Also produced as a video game called 'Q Bert' in 1982
Quarterback Bally 1976 Japanese flyer distributed by 'Taito'
Quarterback Bally 1976 The objective is to move a football down the field to score touchdowns
Quarterback Genco 1957 Pitch-and-bat with a football theme
Quartette Gottlieb 1952 4 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 4 trap holes
Que Bueno M.A.M 1966 Reverse wedge head backbox, Same playfield layout as MAM's 'Mexico'
Queen Pinball Brothers 2022 Features 14 songs from Queen’s Wembley live shows from 1986
Queen Of Diamonds Gottlieb 1959 Backbox animation (roto-target in backbox), Similar to 'World Beauties'
Queen Of Hearts Gottlieb 1952 First game to introduce the gobble hole scoring feature
Quick Draw Gottlieb 1975 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1975 'Fast Draw'
Quicksilver Stern Electronics 1980 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 3 & 4-bank drop targets, 2 rollunder spinners
Quintette Gottlieb 1953 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 5 gobble holes