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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
U Boat 65 Nuova Bell Games 1988 Last game produced by Bell Games
U.S.A Bally 1958 After shooting 5 balls you can buy 3 more, No flippers
U.S.A. Football Alvin G. and Company 1992 Head to head pinball, Not the same game as A.G Football
UFO Model Racing 1978 Video Game disguised as a pinball machine
UFO - X Playmatic 1984 Similar playfield as Playmatic's 1984 'KZ-26'
Ultimate Golf Frenzy Custom 2006 Custom built to promote the 2006 EDS Byron Nelson Golf Championship
Ultrapin Global VR 2007 Simulated video pinball with 6 titles but expandable
Underwater Recel 1976 4 player version of Recel's 1976 'Torpedo'
Universe Gottlieb 1959 Mechanical backbox animation (2 rockets circle the Earth)
Universe Zaccaria 1977 Made in both E.M and solid state versions
Up Away Inder 1975 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 7 standup targets, upper left kicker lane
Upper Deck Williams 1973 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation, Last E.M baseball game by Williams
Utah United 1949 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 10 tower bumpers, 2 kick-out holes