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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Star Wars Pin Stern Pinball 2019 In with the new, out with the old
Celts Haggis Pinball 2020 Australian, Pre-production flyer
Kingpin Illinois Pinball 2010 Remake attempt of Capcom's 1996 Kingpin, Never produced
Star Wars Pin Stern Pinball 2019 Rulesheet flyer
Tokyo Perfect Drift Quetzal Pinball 2018 Alternate version
Stranger Things L.E Stern Pinball 2020 Limited edition flyer
Stranger Things Premium Stern Pinball 2020 Premium version flyer
Stranger Things Pro Stern Pinball 2020 Pro version flyer
Zoo Park/New Canasta MarsaPlay 2012 Zoo Park is a redemption game made in 2012, New Canasta was made in 2010
Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle Spooky Pinball 2017 KingPin Games version
Alien/Full Throttle Heighway Pinball 2017 Cointaker postcard featuring Alien and Full Throttle
The Big Lebowski/Bride of Pinbot Dutch Pinball 2016 Cointaker postcard featuring The Big Lebowski and Bride Of Pinbot
Captain Nemo Quetzal Pinball 2012 Spanish version
Cosmic Carnival Suncoast Pinball 2019 Single sided flyer
Star Fire/Rock 2500 Playmatic 1985 Two game flyer
New Star's Phoenix Zaccaria 1987 This and 'Star's Phoenix' are the only 2 multiball games produced by Zaccaria
Geisha Playmatic 1973 Produced in both 1 Player and 2 Player models
Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle Spooky Pinball 2017 Solid rock edition flyer
Iron Maiden Comic Stern Pinball 2018 Legacy of the beast comic book
The Rolling Stones Stern Pinball 2011 European version flyer
Super Canasta Quetzal Pinball 2019 Canasta is Spanish for 'basket' or 'hoop'
Cosmic Carnival Suncoast Pinball 2019 Only a small amount of machines were ever produced
Derby Centromatic 0 Similar playfield as Gottlieb's 1961 'Foto Finish'
Mondial Matic Mondialmatic 1979 Italian, Multiple conversion kit flyer
One Two Three (1·2·3) T.D. Llobregat 1973 Based on a Spanish TV show called "Un, Dos, Tres" which ran from 1972 to 1994
Clown Inder 1988 Illuminated ramps, Hard coated playfield
Gemini 2000 Taito do Brasil 1982 Concept is similar to Stern's 'Flight 2000'. Playfield layout is similar to Bally's 'Centaur'
Carrusel Maresa 1967 Same playfield layout as Gottlieb's 1966 'Cross Town'
Pro Football Maresa 1974 A near copy of Gottlieb's 1973 'Pro Football'. Reportedly made from particle board
Crystal Ball T.D. Llobregat 1970 Playfield has been plasticized by Jolux of Paris
Skill Flight Nuova Bell Games 1986 German version flyer
Rondo Auto Flipper Werbeplan 1971 German, Miniature car racing in a pinball cabinet
Western/Rally Dama S.R.L. 1970 Italian conversion kits. Western is a conversion kit for Gottlieb's 'Subway'
Polo T.D. Llobregat 0 Spanish, 1 player E.M
Two Thousand Two (2002) Maresa 1971 Replica of Gottlieb's 1971 '2001'
Swashbuckler Petaco 1979 Petaco's domestic version, Recel made export version with the same name
Apollo 9 T.D. Llobregat 1969 Presented at the 25th London Amusement Trades Exhibition (ATE) in 1969
The Flipper Game Petaco 1980 Petaco's domestic version, Recel made export version with the same name
Saturn Nordamatic 1977 Italian, 1 player wedgehead
Hawkman Taito do Brasil 1983 Playfield layout same as Bally's 1981 'Fathom'
Rompeolas Maresa 0 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead, Rompeolas means Breakwater
The Godfather Petaco 0 Petaco made an export version as Recel's 1974 'The Godfather'
Circus Cedes S.A. 0 Copy of the 2 player Gottlieb's 1962 'Fashion Show'. This may be a conversion
Big Brave Maresa 1974 Copy of Gottlieb's 1974 'Big Brave'
Slalom Playmatic 1967 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Space Shuttle Unidesa/Cirsa/Stargame 1986 Same as Williams 'Space Shuttle'
Oxford Maresa 0 Similar to Gottlieb's 1969 'College Queens'
Totem Cedes S.A. 1966 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Spin A Card Petaco 1969 Copy of Gottlieb's 1969 'Spin A Card'
Dancing Centromatic 0 Spanish, 1 player E.M
Haiti T.D. Llobregat 1964 Spanish, 1 player E.M
Target Pool Maresa 0 Copy of Gottlieb's 1969 'Target Pool'
Soccer Champ Valco 0 Playfield is the same as Bell Games 'World Cup / World Championship'
Speed Rush Playmec 1975 Italian, Roller Coaster theme, Artwork by Gordon Morison
Super Pinball Electro Plastic 1987 Pinball simulator similar to Tehkan's 'Pinball Action'
Four X Four (4X4) Maresa 0 Copy of Gottlieb's 1971 '4 Square'
Texas Maresa 0 1 player copy of the 2 player Gottlieb's 1969 'Wild Wild West'
Jive Time Martel 1970 Similar to Williams 1970 'Jive Time'
Seven Winner Inder 1973 The plastic playfield has its art directly applied to its lower side
Apache Playmatic 1975 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Top Secret Maresa 0 Playfield similar to Williams 1969 'Miss-O'
Black Rider Giuliano Lodola 1981 Similar to Williams 1980 'Black Knight'
Ana Bond T.D. Llobregat 1966 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Chamonix Maresa 0 Chamonix is a ski resort area near the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy
Three Hundred (300) Maresa 1976 Copy of the 4 player Gottlieb's 1975 '300'
Bingo Vaprel 0 Looks more like pinball than bingo so I added it :)
Moto Cross Centromatic 0 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Oceans Deep Famaresa 0 Playfield similar to Gottlieb's 1975 'Fast Draw'
Silver Star Faer 1966 Similar playfield layout as Bally's 1963 'Hootenanny'
Jumping Jack Maresa 1973 Playfield layout is the same as Gottlieb's 1973 'Jumping Jack'
King Pin Maresa 1975 Similar to Gottlieb's 1973 'King Pin'
Aerobatics Zaccaria 1977 Bounce-back outlanes allow the player to nudge a drained ball back into play
Hearts Gain Inder 1971 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
The Games NSM/Lowen 1985 The playfield is the same as Gottlieb's 1984 'The Games'
Bongor Maresa 1975 Version of Gottlieb's 4 player 'Jungle'
Manhattan T.D. Llobregat 0 Could not find any information about this machine :(
Libra Centromatic 1974 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Space Shuttle Mecatronics 1985 Mecatronics, a.k.a. Taito (Brazil), a division of Taito Japan
Flamenco Show T.D. Llobregat 0 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Saloon Rally 1965 Has a combined ball lift and plunger unit
Olympic Goblin Phenix Pinball 2018 Renamed to Goblin Contest due to a permissions issue with the term "olympic"
King Game Petaco 1974 Copy of Gottlieb's 1973 'High Hand'
Beisbol Maresa 0 Copy of Gottlieb's 1970 'Baseball'
Gorth Play 21 1986 Bumper strength can be regulated by dip switch settings
Viking Playmatic 1970 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Dardos Maresa 0 Open-elbow inlanes allow ball to pass from inlane to outlane and vice-versa
The Mafia Team Pinball 2018 First machine from Team Pinball
Cabaret Recreativos Franco 1975 Drop targets are made to look like stand up targets
Bus Stop Maresa 0 Playfield layout is almost identical to Bally's 1967 'Surfers'
Bumper Bill Port 1977 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Festival T.D. Llobregat 1962 Playfield layout is a copy of Gottlieb's 1962 'Fashion Show'
Shark Taito do Brasil 1982 Similar to Stern's 'Flight 2000'
Flash Dragon Playmatic 1986 Beating high score receives Polaroid photo from camera in backbox
Hit Line Playmatic 1972 Spanish, 1 player wedgehead
Luna Park Cedes S.A. 0 Reverse wedge head backbox, Mechanical backbox animation
Drop A Card Petaco 0 See Gottlieb's 1971 'Drop A Card'
Feria T.D. Llobregat 1964 Playfield glass and its metal frame are hinged, Formica cabinet
Black & Reed Inder 1975 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, 5 standup targets, 1 kick-out hole
New Canasta MarsaPlay 2010 A remake of Inder's 1986 'Canasta 86'
Laramie Maresa 1976 Copy of Gottlieb's 1975 'Quick Draw'
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