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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
KZ-26/The Raid/Nautilus Playmatic 1984 Four machines on one flyer
LOTR/RBION/TSPP Stern Pinball 2004 Lord of the Rings, Ripley's Believe it or Not, The Simpsons Pinball Party
Race Stars Geiger 1978 German, Conversion kit for Bally's 1977 'Evel Knievel'
Race The Clock Williams 1955 Williams first 4 player game
Race Time Gottlieb 1959 The metal side rails shown in some pictures were an after-factory option
Race Way Midway 1963 Widebody, Same backbox animation as Midway's 1964 'Winner'
Racers Playmatic 1968 Mechanical backbox animation (race car moves on circular track)
Rack A Ball Gottlieb 1962 Backbox animation (billiard balls added)
Rack Em Up Gottlieb 1983 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, Upper left kickback
Radical Bally 1990 2 ball multi-ball, 4 flippers, Speech sound, Skate board theme
Radical Bally 1990 German version flyer
Rainbow Gottlieb 1956 The last game from Gottlieb to use four colors on the cabinet artwork
Rally Girl Rally 1966 1st of Rally's pinball's to use circuit boards for the relays
Ramona United 1949 Left and right kick-out holes propel the ball to rebound off the stretched rubbers
Rancho Gottlieb 1966 Postcard, Italian add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1965 'Cow Poke'
Rancho Gottlieb 1966 Italian add-a-ball version of 'Cowpoke', Backbox animation
Rancho Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Rancho Williams 1977 The last game that Harry Williams designed for Williams
Rapid Fire Bally 1982 Bally's response to Williams 1981 'Hyperball'
Rat Race Williams 1983 Cocktail table with joystick controlled tilting playfield, Never produced
Raven Gottlieb 1986 First game to use a photographic backglass
Rawhide Chicago Coin 1977 4 player version of Chicago Coin's 1977 'Stampede'. Also produced by Stern
Rawhide Stern Electronics 1977 4 player version of Stern's 1977 'Stampede'
Ready Aim Fire Gottlieb 1983 2 flippers, 5 pop bumpers, 10 standup targets
Red & Ted's Road Show Williams 1994 Widebody, "SuperPin", Shaker motor, 2 talking animated heads
Red & Ted's Road Show Williams 1994 German version flyer
Red Arrow Europlay 1978 Copy of Gottlieb's 1977 'Golden Arrow'
Red Baron Chicago Coin 1975 2 player version of Chicago Coin's 1975 'Blue Max'
Regatta Williams 1955 A sequence game in which you must strike bumpers 1 through 5 in order
Reggio Maresa 1972 1 player version of Gottlieb's 1972 2 player "King Kool" and 4 player "King Rock"
Register Gottlieb 1956 Backglass states 'Amusement Pinballs, as American as Baseball & Hot Dogs'
Reno Williams 1957 Reno, the third largest city in Nevada, is a popular gambling destination
Rescue 911 Gottlieb 1994 Toy helicopter lifts the ball (magnetically) and flies over the playfield
Rescue 911 Gottlieb 1994 Japanese version distributed by Sammy
Rescue 911 Gottlieb 1994 German version flyer
Reserve Williams 1961 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 kick-out holes, 1 gobble hole
Revamp Your Gameroom Stern Pinball 2021 Two sided flyer but both sides are the same
Revenge From Mars Bally 1999 This was first game into production under the Pinball 2000 (PB2K) platform
Revenge From Mars Bally 1999 Pinball tournament flyer, Stop playing with yourself !
Rick And Morty Spooky Pinball 2020 Based on the American adult animated science fiction sitcom
Rick And Morty Spooky Pinball 2020 ZF Pinball version flyer
Rider's Surf Joc Matic S.A 1986 Internet Pinball Database states manufacturer as Joctronic
Rio Playmatic 1977 The 2-player version of this game is Playmatic's 1977 'Carnival'
Rip Snorter Genco 1949 One of Genco's first flipper pinball machines
Ripley's Believe It Or Not Stern Pinball 2004 The magnet under the shrunken head catches the ball, holds it, then shoots it
Riverboat Williams 1964 Backbox light animation (playing cards light up), Swinging target
Riverboat Gambler Williams 1990 Use buttons on lockdown bar to bet on roulette wheel animation in backbox
Riverboat Gambler Williams 1990 German version flyer
Riviera Chicago Coin 1973 The flyer refers to the "Up-post" as an "Up-ball saver", 4 flippers
Ro Go Bally 1974 Horseshoe lane, Double-gated ball return lane, Mushroom bumper
Road Kings Williams 1986 Designer Mark Ritchie chose a new theme based on the "Mad Max" movies
Road Race Gottlieb 1969 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1970 'Stock Car'
Road Race Maresa 0 Copy of Gottlieb's 1969 'Road Race'
Rob Zombie's Spookshow Spooky Pinball 2016 Voices by Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Sid Haig. Ten Rob Zombie songs
Robin Hood Sega/Japan 1972 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Robo War Gottlieb 1988 Operator rebate for $200
Robo War Gottlieb 1988 There are no people depicted in the artwork
Robo War Gottlieb 1988 German version flyer
Robocop Data East 1989 Playfield layout was used again on Data East's 1991 'Checkpoint' with some changes
Robocop Data East 1989 German version flyer
Robot Zaccaria 1984 Ball crossing elevated robot bridge raises five robot targets
Robot Zaccaria 1985 German version flyer
Rock Gottlieb 1985 First game to have a translite instead of a screened backglass
Rock Encore Gottlieb 1986 A 15 minute art and sound conversion kit for any 'Rock' pinball game
Rock Makers Bally 1968 A special version was produced for Germany
Rock N Roll Williams 1970 Add-a-ball version of Williams 1970 'Jive Time'
Rock On Allied Leisure 1975 Playfield art has a likeness of T.V actor Jimmy Walker saying "Dyn-o-mite!"
Rocket Williams 1959 Try shooting for all seven rockets
Rocket 3 Bally 1967 The Italian add-a-ball version is Bally's 1967 'Rocket III (Italy)'
Rocket Ship Gottlieb 1958 Similar playfield as Gottlieb's 1958 'Contest' and Gottlieb's 1959 'Atlas'
Rockettes Gottlieb 1950 A roll-over button changes the direction of kick-out holes from north to south
Rocky Gottlieb 1982 Paulie threw a bottle of scotch at the prop backglass in Rocky 3
Rocky And Bullwinkle Data East 1993 Backbox animation (Bullwinkle pulls Rocky, a Rhino, or a Lion from a hat)
Rodeo Brunswick/Briarwood 1977 Home model (no coins), Briarwood was a division of Brunswick
Rodeo Midway 1964 Turret shooter operated by large knob on lockdown bar
Roller Coaster Gottlieb 1971 Kick-out holes send the ball over 'roller coaster' tracks to the flipper inlanes
Roller Coaster Tycoon Stern Pinball 2002 Developed by Pat Lawlor Design based on popular PC-CD game
Roller Coaster Tycoon Stern Pinball 2002 German version flyer
Roller Disco Gottlieb 1980 Widebody, 4 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 (5) bank drop targets
Rollergames Williams 1990 Rollergames was a short-lived roller derby TV show
Rolling Stones Bally 1980 Ladies and Gentlemen .... "The Rolling Stones"
The Rolling Stones Stern Pinball 2011 Plays 13 original Rolling Stones songs
The Rolling Stones Stern Pinball 2011 European version flyer
Rompeolas Maresa 0 Same playfield layout as the 2-player Gottlieb's 1967 'Surf Side'
Rondeevoo United 1948 The flippers are called "control kickers" on the flyer
Rondo Auto Flipper Werbeplan 1971 German, Miniature car racing in a pinball cabinet
Rose Bowl Gottlieb 1951 Flippers placed at outside edges of playfield
Rotation 8 Midway 1978 Cocktail table, Playfield automatically rotates to next player's position
Roto Pool Gottlieb 1958 Backbox animation (miniature pool balls light when playfield targets are hit)
Round Up Bally 1971 Very low production game with only 70 units made
Round Up Gottlieb 1948 4 reverse flippers, 7 static bumpers (no pop bumpers)
Royal Flash Chicago Coin 1964 There is an add-a-ball on/off jack in the backbox
Royal Flush Gottlieb 1957 First game from any manufacturer to have the match feature
Royal Flush Gottlieb 1976 4 player version of 'Card Whiz'. Later remade as 'Royal Flush Deluxe'
Royal Flush Deluxe Gottlieb 1983 Remake of Gottlieb's 1976 'Royal Flush'
Royal Guard Gottlieb 1968 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1968 'Palace Guard'
Royal Pair Gottlieb 1974 Italian add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1974 'Top Card'
Rush Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2022 Limited edition version flyer
Rush Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2022 Premium version flyer
Rush Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2022 Pro version flyer
Star Fire/Rock 2500 Playmatic 1985 Two games on one flyer
Western/Rally Dama S.R.L. 1970 Italian conversion kits. Western is a conversion kit for Gottlieb's 'Subway'