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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
L'Hexagone Christian Tabart 1986 French conversion kit for Gottlieb's 1979 'Genie'
La Retata Geiger 1992 German, Conversion kit for Williams 1986 'High Speed'
Labyrinth Barrels of Fun 2023 Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Cult classic from the 80's featuring David Bowie
Lady Luck Bally 1986 Card theme, Art deco style artwork
Lady Luck Bally 1986 German version flyer
Lady Luck Bally 1986 U.K version flyer
Lady Luck Gottlieb 1954 Postcard (baseball card sized) 2 flippers, 4 gobble holes, 4 pop bumpers
Lady Luck Recel 1976 The 1-player version of this game is Recel's 1976 'Fortune'
Lady Luck Williams 1968 One pop bumper is enclosed within a ring of bumpers for fast scoring action
Lady Robin Hood Gottlieb 1948 Gottlieb's second game with flippers, following Humpty Dumpty
Lady Sharpshooter Game Plan 1985 1 of 2 cocktail tables with it's own design (Vegas was the other)
Lancers Gottlieb 1961 The two side holes kick balls towards flippers
Laramie Maresa 1976 Copy of Gottlieb's 1975 'Quick Draw'
Lariat Gottlieb 1969 Postcard , Add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1969 'Wild Wild West'
Las Vegas Th. Bergmann 1967 German, Slightly different backglass and playfield than the color flyer shows
Las Vegas Th. Bergmann 1967 German, Slightly different backglass and playfield than the B&W flyer shows
Las Vegas T.D. Llobregat 1967 Playfield layout is the same as Gottlieb's 1967 'Super Score'
Laser Ball Williams 1979 Widebody, 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2, 3 and 4 bank drop targets
Laser Ball/Gorgar Williams 1979 French flyer from distributor Salmon
Laser Cue Williams 1984 Similar playfield as 'Alien Poker', Originally named 'World Hockey'
Laser War Data East 1987 Data East's first production game with stereo sound
Laser War Data East 1987 German version flyer
Last Action Hero Data East 1993 Three electromagnets under the playfield affect ball movement when energized
Last Action Hero Data East 1993 German version flyer
Last Lap Playmatic 1978 There are two versions of this game
Lawman Gottlieb 1971 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1971 'Sheriff'
Lazerlord Stern Electronics 1984 Prototype machine and was the last machine manufactured by Stern
Lazy Q Williams 1953 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 3 kick-out holes, Gold bumper caps and flippers
Le Ben Hur Staal 1977 First French solid state pinball, Distributed in England by ACE (slot machines)
Le Grand 8/Sahara Love Christian Tabart 1985 Conversion kits for Gottlieb's 1980 'Panthera' & 1978 'Sinbad'
League Leader Keeney 1958 Pitch-n-bat, 2 can play at same time; 1 pitches while other bats
Lectronamo Stern Electronics 1978 First Stern game with electronic sound with the SB-100 sound board
Led Zeppelin Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2020 Limited Edition version with "New Expression Lights"
Led Zeppelin Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2020 Premium version with "New Expression Lights"
Led Zeppelin Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2020 Pro version flyer
Legends Of Valhalla American Pinball 2021 Designed by Riot Pinball, Fourth game from American Pinball
Lethal Weapon 3 Data East 1992 First game to come with a built-in dollar bill validator
Lethal Weapon 3 Data East 1992 Dutch version flyer
Lexy Lightspeed Multimorphic 2017 Playfield is 2/3 LCD screen and 1/3 mechanical
Lexy Lightspeed Multimorphic 2017 Trade show promo card
Liberty Bell Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Liberty Bell Williams 1977 All the major manufactures did a patriotic themed pinball machine around 1976
Liberty Belle Gottlieb 1962 Two separate roto-target units each display two targets to the player
Libra Centro Matic S.A 1974 Flyer shows five inserts on a red stripe that are missing on the production game
Lightning Stern Electronics 1981 Stern's 1st double level, 4 flippers, 2 and 3 ball multi-ball, Has speech
Lightning Ball Gottlieb 1959 Roto-Disk animation in backbox spells name to award replays
Lights Camera Action Gottlieb 1989 Mode-based machine with a time counter in the middle of the playfield
Line Drive Williams 1972 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Lite A Card Gottlieb 1960 The bullseye target scores up to 150 points, although the flyer states 100 points
Little Chief Williams 1975 Some text on the manufacturer's flyer is grammatically confusing
Little Joe Bally 1972 In the dice game craps, "Little Joe" means rolling two two's
Little League Baseball Midway 1966 Pitch-n-bat, Compact cabinet, Spinning targets on playfield
Little Pro Southland 1964 Pitch-n-bat, Harry Williams creation after he retired
Lizard Game Plan 1980 Introducing new microprocessor sound, Memory recall
Locomotion Zaccaria 1981 Features artwork with lots of U.S.A symbolism
Looney Tunes/Texas Chainsaw Spooky Pinball 2023 Looney Tunes/Texas Chainsaw Massacre combo flyer
Loop The Loop Bally 1966 Produced in U.S replay version and Italian add-a-ball version
The Lord Of The Rings Stern Pinball 2003 Moving Balrog blocks center ramp at times, Collapsing tower, Mini-playfield
The Lord Of The Rings Stern Pinball 2003 German version flyer
Lortium Juegos Populares 1987 The backbox is very tall, Plexiglass playfield
Lost In Space Sega 1998 Based on the hit movie adaptation of the classic television show Lost In Space
Lost In Space Sega 1998 German version flyer
Lost World Bally 1978 Artist Paul Farris said the backglass figures were based on him & his wife
The Lost World Jurassic Park Sega 1997 Based on the 1997 film of the same name.
The Lost World Jurassic Park Sega 1997 German version flyer
LOTR/RBION/TSPP Stern Pinball 2004 Lord of the Rings, Ripley's Believe it or Not, The Simpsons Pinball Party
Love Bug Williams 1971 Add-a-ball version of Williams 1971 'Doodle Bug'
Lovely Lucy Gottlieb 1954 2 flippers, 6 gobble holes, Backglass holdover replay feature
Luck Smile Inder 1976 Also made in a single player version
Lucky Ace Sega/Japan 1974 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Lucky Ace Williams 1974 2 player version of Williams 1974 'Dealer's Choice'
Lucky Card Gottlieb 1977 Italian add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1977 'Lucky Hand'
Lucky Draw Mirco 1978 Cocktail table with classic card theme
Lucky Fruit Zaccaria 1975 1 player E.M, 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers
Lucky Hand Gottlieb 1977 Postcard, Add-a-ball version of 'Jacks Open', Italian version is 'Lucky Card'
Lucky Inning Williams 1950 Backbox animation (players run bases), Turret shooter
Lucky Man/Monte Carlo Nordamatic 1976 2 game flyer, 2 player 'Lucky Man' and 1 player 'Monte Carlo'
Lucky Seven Sega/Japan 1978 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Lucky Seven Williams 1978 Playfield animation (slot machine reels under playfield), Chimes for sound
Lucky Shot C.E.A 1976 Game is fully electronic with electronic sounds, No CPU
Lucky Strike Gottlieb 1975 Italian version of 'Gold Strike', Add-a-ball version of 'El Dorado'
Lucky Strike Williams 1965 Replay version of Williams 1965 'Bowl A Strike'
Luna Park Cedes S.A. 0 Reverse wedge head backbox, Mechanical backbox animation
Lunar Shot Williams 1967 Italian add-a-ball version of Williams 1967 'Blast Off'
Miss World/Dark Rider/Lady Death Geiger 1983 Conversion kits for Bally's Kiss, Star Trek & Mata Hari