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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Bloody China/Wild Schütz Geiger 1980 3 Games-Bloody China/Wild Schütz/Stellar Airship, German, Conversion kits
Wagon Train Gottlieb 1960 1 player with score reels, Roto-target, No gobble holes
Walking Dead Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2014 Limited edition flyer
Walking Dead Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2014 Premium edition flyer
Walking Dead Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2014 Pro version flyer
Walkyria, Punky Willy Joctronic 1986 Spanish, 'Punky Willy' is a copy of Premier's 1985 'Rock'
Wall Street Bally 1974 Bingo machine
War Fascination 1978 Cocktail table, Contract built by Allied Leisure
Warlok, Defender Williams 1982 Williams portfolio of innovative pinball and video games
Watch My Line Gottlieb 1951 Likely a reference to the TV quiz show "What's My Line"
Waterworld Gottlieb 1995 Motion picture tie-in, Multi-ball, Sink the Deez!
West Club Rally 1967 French, Also produced in an Italian add-a-ball version
West Show A.M.I 1976 Italian, Right outlane has gate that is activated by hitting the drop targets
Western/Rally Dama S.R.L. 1970 Italian conversion kits. Western is a conversion kit for Gottlieb's 'Subway'
Wheel Maresa 0 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 10 drop targets, 1 vari-target, 1 spinning disk
Wheel Of Fortune Stern Pinball 2007 Mechanical spinning wheel on playfield, 3 'bobble head' contestants
Whirl Wind Gottlieb 1957 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 gobble holes, Roto-target
Whirlwind Williams 1990 Fan on top of backbox blows air, 3 whirlwind spinners, The cellar
White Force Unidesa/Cirsa/Stargame 1987 Spanish 4 player, 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers
White Shark Bell Coin Matics 1980 Italian, Conversion kit, Similar playfield as Bally's 1978 'Playboy'
White Water Williams 1993 Upper mini-playfield, Animated Bigfoot turns head & diverts ball
Who Dunnit Bally 1995 3 wheel slot machine toy on playfield
Who Dunnit Bally 1995 German version flyer
Whoa Nellie Stern Pinball 2015 Retro style E.M design with modern parts
Whoopee Williams 1964 Two kickers direct balls to the center 'captive ball unit'
The Wiggler Bally 1967 3 ball multi-ball, Zipper flippers, Wiggle alley, Mushroom bumpers
Wild Card Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Wild Card Williams 1977 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, Spinner, 1 player
Wild Fyre Stern Electronics 1978 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 4 kick-out holes, 3 and 4 bank drop targets
Wild Fyre Stern Electronics 1978 2 sided flyer with distributor list on back
Wild Life Gottlieb 1972 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1972 'Jungle'
Wild West Gottlieb 1951 Similar drop target as 'Minstrel Man', 'V' gate between flippers
Wild Wheels Bally 1966 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 7 mushroom bumpers, Right ball return gate
Wild Wild West Gottlieb 1969 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1969 'Lariat'
Willy Wonka Limited Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Win A Card Alben 1961 French, The playfield is a copy of Gottlieb's 1960 'Wagon Train'
Wing Ding Williams 1964 Add-a-ball version of Williams 1964 'Zig Zag'
Winner Midway 1964 Pitch-n-bat, Same backbox animation as Midway's 1963 'Race Way'
Winner Sega/Japan 1971 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Winner Williams 1972 Widebody, Turret shooter, Mechanical horse race under plexiglas playfield
Winter Sports Zaccaria 1978 Italian, 4 player solid state version of Zaccaria's 1978 'Ski Jump'
Wipe Out Gottlieb 1993 Race the slalom, Ride the chair lift
Wipe Out Gottlieb 1993 Japanese version distributed by SAMMY
Wipe Out Gottlieb 1993 German version flyer
Wisconsin United 1948 The first flipper game made by United
Wishing Well Gottlieb 1955 Only Gottlieb with a pressboard wood cabinet instead of plywood
Wizard Bally 1975 Inspired by the movie 'Tommy' with Roger Daltry and Ann Margret
Wizard Of Oz Jersey Jack Pinball 2013 U.K version flyer, Oversized
Wizard Of Oz 75th Anniversary L.E Jersey Jack Pinball 2014 Features a new topper, new toys, and red trim
Wizard Of Oz 75th L.E Red Jersey Jack Pinball 2014 Limited edition 75th anniversary edition
Wizard Of Oz 75th L.E Red Jersey Jack Pinball 2014 KingPin Games version
Wizard Of Oz Deed Jersey Jack Pinball 2013 Deed of title
Wizard Of Oz L.E Yellow Brick Road Jersey Jack Pinball 2019 Limited edition version with yellow trim
Wizard Of Oz Limited Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2013 Limited edition version with emerald green trim
Wizard Of Oz Standard Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2013 Standard version with stainless steel trim
Wolf Man Peyper 1987 Spanish, 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 captive balls
Woman Lib Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Wonderland Williams 1955 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, Kick-out hole, Gobble hole
Wood's Queen Zaccaria 1976 Italian, Produced in 1, 2 and 4 player versions
World Beauties Gottlieb 1959 2 working flippers with 8 stationary flippers used as ball guides
World Challenge Soccer Gottlieb 1994 Gottlieb's answer to Bally's World Cup Soccer '94?
World Champ Gottlieb 1957 1 gobble hole, Produced with both a wooden or metal coin door
World Cup Williams 1978 Soccer legend Kyle Rote Jr. on cover
World Cup Williams 1978 Version without Kyle Rote Jr. on cover
World Cup Williams 1978 French version with soccer legend Michel Platini
World Cup 90 Mr. Game 1990 Italian, Small video monitor in backbox, Unique cabinet
World Cup Soccer Bally 1994 Rotating soccer ball, Motorized moving goalie, Magna-Lock near left flipper
World Cup Soccer Bally 1994 German version flyer
World Cup Soccer Bally 1994 Single sided "doggie" version flyer
World Defender Nuova Bell Games 1985 Italian, Inspired by the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'Terminator'
World Fair Gottlieb 1964 Playfield "Spin-disc" spots any 1 of 11 numbered cars on backglass
World Poker Tour Stern Pinball 2006 Based on the hit television series featuring Texas hold 'em
World Series Chicago Coin 1974 Pitch-n-bat in a video game style cabinet
World Series Chicago Coin 1960 Baseball shuffle alley, light animated backglass runners
World Series Gottlieb 1972 Postcard, Add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1972 'Grand Slam'
World Series 1962 Williams 1962 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Wrestlemania Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2015 Limited edition flyer
Wrestlemania Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2015 Pro version flyer
Wrestlemania Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2015 Chinese version flyer
WWF Royal Rumble Data East 1994 Widebody, WWF Wrestling, Shaker motor
WWF Royal Rumble Data East 1994 German version flyer
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