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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Jack In The Box Gottlieb 1973 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1973 'Jumping Jack'
Jack N Jill Gottlieb 1948 6 flippers, 3 kick-out holes, Backbox light animation
Jack·Bot Williams 1995 3rd in a series including 'Pin·Bot' and 'The Machine: Bride of Pinbot'
Jackpot Williams 1971 4 player version of Williams 1971 'Klondike', Similar to 'Gold Rush'
Jacks Open Gottlieb 1977 Replay version of 'Lucky Hand', Italian version is 'Lucky Card'
Jacks To Open Gottlieb 1984 Remake of the 1 player E.M Gottlieb's 1977 'Jacks Open'
Jake Mate Recel 1974 1 player version of Recel's 1975 'Check Mate'
Jalopy Williams 1951 Similar to Williams 1951 'Hayburners' except with different artwork
Jamboree Exhibit 1948 Lower apron refers to the flipper buttons as "skill flip-It buttons"
James Bond 007 Gottlieb 1980 Compete against the clock before time runs out, No limit to number of balls
James Bond 007 Gottlieb 1980 Play meter fold-out, Interview with Bob Bloom
James Bond 007 Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2022 Limited edition version flyer
James Bond 007 Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2022 Premium version flyer
James Bond 007 Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2022 Pro version flyer
Jarama Centro Matic S.A 1973 The Circuito del Jarama is a racetrack located north of Madrid, Spain
Jaws Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2024 Limited edition flyer
Jaws Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2024 Premium version flyer
Jaws Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2024 Pro version flyer
Jaws Pro Euro Stern Pinball 2024 Euro A4 size pro edition flyer
Jet Spin Gottlieb 1977 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1977 'Super Spin'
Jig Saw Williams 1957 Collect spots on playfield to lite segments of jig saw puzzle on backglass
Jive Time Williams 1970 Replay version of Williams 1970 'Rock N Roll'
Jive Time Martel 1970 Similar to Williams 1970 'Jive Time'
Jockey Club Gottlieb 1954 Allowed player to insert a second nickel to turn on the "double award" option
Johnny Mnemonic Williams 1995 Magnetic ball lift via movable hand/glove, Matrix ball lock
Joker Gottlieb 1950 3 super action 'pop' bumpers, 2 backwards flippers
Joker Playmatic 1974 Produced in both 1 player and 4 player models
Joker Poker Gottlieb 1978 Also made in an electromechanical version
Joker Wild Bally 1970 Bingo style playfield, novelty card game, 25 holes
Jokerz Williams 1988 Spinning wheel in backbox displays poker hand, Multi-ball, Motorized ramp
Jolly Joker Williams 1955 Rolldown play to score poker hands. No flippers
Jolly Jokers Williams 1962 Add-a-ball version of Williams 1962 '3 Coins', Swinging target
Jolly Ride Playmatic 1974 Produced in both 1 player and 4 player models
Jolly Roger Williams 1967 First 4 player machine with an on/off switch found in the 'usual' location
Joust Bally 1969 The manufacturer produced the backglasses in both crystal glass and Plexiglas
Joust Williams 1983 Head-to-head game with 2 players competing against each-other
Jubilee Gottlieb 1955 Only way to lose the ball in play is via the wide gap between the flippers
Jubilee Sega/Japan 1973 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Jubilee Williams 1973 4 player version of Williams 1973 'Darling'
Judge Dredd Bally 1993 Shot map
Judge Dredd Bally 1993 Widebody, Superpin, Based on the comic book character and movie
Judge Dredd Comic Bally 1993 8 page comic book flyer
Juke Box Chicago Coin 1976 4 player version of Chicago Coin's 1976 'Sound Stage'
Jumpin Jack's Williams 1963 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 gobble holes (each protected by a drop target)
Jumping Jack Gottlieb 1973 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1973 'Jack In The Box'
Jumping Jack Maresa 1973 Playfield layout is the same as Gottlieb's 1973 'Jumping Jack'
Jungle Gottlieb 1972 4 player version of 'Wild Life', 1 players 'Jungle King' and 'Jungle Life'
Jungle Gottlieb 1972 German version flyer
Jungle Williams 1960 Backbox animation (8 animals behind jungle undergrowth at start of game)
Jungle King Gottlieb 1973 Postcard, 1 player add-a-ball version of 'Wild Life' and 'Jungle'
Jungle Life Gottlieb 1973 Italian add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1972 'Wild Life'
Jungle Lord Williams 1981 Magna-Save, Split-level playfield (2nd of 4 that Williams produced)
Jungle Princess Gottlieb 1977 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1977 'Jungle Queen'
Jungle Queen Gottlieb 1977 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1977 'Jungle Princess'
Junior League Bat A Ball American Amusement 1946 Stand-up compact legal baseball vending game
Junk Yard Williams 1996 Crane on playfield, Toilet that flushes ball, Doghouse with attack dog
Junk Yard Williams 1996 German version flyer
Jurassic Park Data East 1993 Motion picture, Dinosaur eats ball, Raptor kicks, 6 ball multi-ball
Jurassic Park Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Jurassic Park Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Premium edition flyer
Jurassic Park Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Pro version flyer
Jurassic Park Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Chinese version flyer
Just 21 Gottlieb 1950 Introduced the 'Turret Shooter' (rotating ball shooter)
Mac's Galaxy/Jungle M.A.C 1987 Combo flyer featuring Macs 'Galaxy' and 'Jungle'