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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
KZ-26/Mad Race/Megaaton Playmatic 1984 Four machines on one flyer
Lucky Man/Monte Carlo Nordamatic 1976 2 game flyer, 2 player 'Lucky Man' and 1 player 'Monte Carlo'
Mac Attack Mr. Game 1989 Small video monitor in backbox, Unique cabinet
Mac Attack Mr. Game 1989 Italian version flyer
Mac's Galaxy M.A.C 1986 Single postcard-sized circuit board
Mac's Galaxy M.A.C 1986 Alternate version flyer
Mac's Galaxy System 4 M.A.C 1986 Multi game pin table, System 4 conversion kit flyer
Mac's Galaxy/Jungle M.A.C 1987 Combo flyer featuring Macs 'Galaxy' and 'Jungle'
Mac's Jungle M.A.C 1987 A conversion kit from 'Mac's Galaxy'
Macao Elettrocoin 1968 Macao (Macau) was the oldest European colony in China
The Machine - Bride of Pinbot Williams 1991 2nd in a series of 3 Pinbot games including 'Pin·Bot' and 'Jack·Bot'
The Machine - Bride of Pinbot Williams 1991 German version flyer
Mad World Bally 1964 Likely inspired by the Hollywood movie 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'
Mademoiselle Gottlieb 1959 Both players matching lit number at end of game awards 2 or 10 replays (adjustable)
Madison Square Gardens Gottlieb 1950 A 'boxing ring' with 4 one-way gates and pop bumpers as the 2 boxers
The Mafia Team Pinball 2018 First machine from Team Pinball
The Mafia Team Pinball 2018 Alternate version flyer
Magic Playmatic 1973 Rare and psychedelic pinball from Playmatic
Magic Stern Electronics 1979 Also manufactured in Australia under license as LAI's 1979 'Magic'
Magic Castle Zaccaria 1984 Backbox animation (Zaccula in his castle)
Magic Circle Bally 1965 Hold over feature, Build up bonus, Free ball gates, Auto ball return
Magic City Williams 1967 Replay version of Williams 1967 'Magic Town'
Magic Clock Williams 1960 First game with a moving target, "Styling of the 60's" cabinet
Magic Picture Pin Arkon 1982 Pinball conversion, Projection device in the middle of playfield
Magic Town Williams 1967 Add-a-ball version of Williams 1967 'Magic City'
Magnotron Gottlieb 1974 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1974 'Duotron'
Majestic Gottlieb 1957 Majestic was the first pinball machine to have disk roto-targets
Major League Williams 1963 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Major League Williams 1955 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Majorettes Gottlieb 1964 Add-a-ball, Error on flyer: game has no "match feature"
Majorettes Williams 1952 Backbox light animation (majorettes light up)
Mandalorian Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2021 Limited edition flyer
Mandalorian Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2021 Premium version flyer
Mandalorian Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2021 Pro version flyer
Manhattan T.D. Llobregat 0 Metal rails with a cigarette holder on each rail, Bulb scoring.
Marathon Gottlieb 1955 2 player E.M, 2 flippers, 5 pop bumpers, 2 passive bumpers, 2 gobble holes
Marble Queen Gottlieb 1953 2 flippers, Gobble hole, Large illuminated marbles on playfield
Mardi Gras Williams 1962 First Williams 4 player game with metal flipper bats
Mariner Bally 1971 4 player version of Bally's 1971 'Sea Ray'
Mariner Bally 1971 German version flyer
Mario Andretti Gottlieb 1995 This was the last game designed by Jon Norris for Gottlieb
Mars God Of War Gottlieb 1981 How to play flyer in French
Mars God Of War Gottlieb 1981 Widebody, 1st Gottlieb game with speech, Multi-ball, 4 flippers
Mars Trek Sonic 1977 Backglass is the same as production games, the playfield artwork is different
Mars Trek Sonic 1977 This is a misprint with no text on the back
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega 1995 Frankenstein figure throws balls at flippers or bumpers, 6 player
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega 1995 German version flyer
Maryland Williams 1949 "Controlled Scoring" changes playfield values depending on which ball is in play
Masquerade Gottlieb 1966 Backbox animation (fan lowers to reveal face of 'Belle of the Ball')
Master Stroke Recel 1977 The same company made a domestic version as Petaco's 'Master Stroke'
Master Stroke Petaco 1977 The same company made an export version as Recel's 1977 'Master Stroke'
Mata Hari Bally 1978 Margaretha Zelle (1876-1917) exotic dancer & convicted spy during W.W 1
Maverick Data East 1994 First game to use the over-sized 192 x 64 dot matrix display
Maverick Data East 1994 German version flyer
Mayfair Gottlieb 1966 Roy Parkers last artwork for gottlieb before retiring
Medieval Madness Williams 1997 German version flyer
Medieval Madness Williams 1997 Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live) did the voice of the "Opera Singer"
Medieval Madness Remake Chicago Gaming 2016 KingPin Games version flyer
Medieval Madness Remake L.E Chicago Gaming 2015 Limited edition with gold trim
Medieval Madness Remake Chicago Gaming 2016 Standard edition with stainless steel trim
Medusa Bally 1981 Player controlled post between flippers to hit ball back into play
Medusa Bally 1981 German version flyer
Meg Aaton Playmatic 1984 The backbox shape was used on several Bally games as 1st seen on Bally's 'Rapid Fire'
Mega Golf Frenzy Custom 2006 Custom built to promote the 2006 EDS Byron Nelson Golf Championship
Melody Bally 1947 Bally's 1st game with flippers, The rolldown version is 'Melody Roll'
Melody Gottlieb 1967 Postcard, Add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1967 'Sing Along'
Melody Lane Gottlieb 1960 2 player, 2 flippers, 2 match color roto-targets
Memory Lane Stern Electronics 1978 Last Stern game to have an electromechanical chime unit
Memory Lane Stern Electronics 1978 German version flyer
Mephisto Unidesa/Cirsa/Stargame 1987 'Mephisto' is short for 'Mephistopheles' meaning the Devil
Mermaid Gottlieb 1951 Backbox animation (man catches fish when points are scored)
Merry Go Round Gottlieb 1960 First Gottlieb multi-player game with steel rails
Merry Widow Williams 1963 2 swinging targets, Each ball kicker propels the ball at a swinging target
Messalina Rally 1966 Messalina was the promiscuous third wife of Roman Emperor Claudius
Metal Man Inder 1992 Elevated circular mini-playfield, Drop-down cabinet
Metallica Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2013 Master of puppets, Limited edition flyer
Metallica Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2013 Premium version flyer
Metallica Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2013 Pro version flyer
Meteor Stern Electronics 1979 Artwork on the backglass and flyer was taken from the 1979 movie poster 'Meteor'
Metro Williams 1961 Disappearing pop bumper that lowers into the playfield during play
Mexico '86 Zaccaria 1986 Italian version, Mini-playfield has two flippers, 5 cylindrical drop targets
Mibs Gottlieb 1969 Backbox animation (real marbles added to a line of them)
Middle Earth Atari 1978 Widebody, Score displays are on playfield apron and not in backbox
Mike Bossy Game Plan 1982 Only produced as a prototype, Backbox has an inner and an outer backglass
Mikoshi Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese, Mikoshi are portable Shinto shrines
Millionaire Sega/Japan 1977 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Millionaire Williams 1987 Under playfield roulette wheel, Oscillating skill-shot diverter in shooter lane
Mini Baseball Chicago Coin 1972 Wall hanging baseball theme made to fit in locations with small spaces
Mini Cycle Gottlieb 1970 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1970 'Polo'
Mini Cycle Petaco 1970 1 player copy of the 2 player Gottlieb's 1970 'Mini Cycle'
Mini Golf Williams 1964 Manikin golfer, Very similar to Southland's 1964 'Little Pro'
Mini Pool Gottlieb 1969 Postcard, Add-a-ball version of 'Target Pool', Italian version is 'Bumper Pool'
Minizag Bally 1968 The manufacturer produced the backglasses in both crystal glass and Plexiglass
Minstrel Man Gottlieb 1951 The flyer describes the three targets by stating "They drop when hit!"
Miss Annabelle Gottlieb 1959 Compare playfield design to Gottlieb's 1958 'Double Action'
Miss Nessie Sega/Japan 1978 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Miss O Williams 1969 Replay version of Williams 1968 'Cue T'
Miss Spy M.A.M 1967 Playfield is described as polyester
Miss World/Dark Rider/Lady Death Geiger 1983 Conversion kits for Bally's Kiss, Star Trek & Mata Hari
Monaco Segasa 1977 Similar to Segasa's 1976 'Cannes'
Monday Night Football Data East 1989 Disappearing goal post and ramp, Stereo sound
Mondial Matic Mondialmatic 1979 Multiple conversion kit flyer
Monopoly Stern Pinball 2001 There was also a 'Platinum Edition' with chrome trimmings
Monster Bash Williams 1998 'Phantom Flip' letting go of the flipper buttons allows the game to shoot the ball
Monster Bash Williams 1998 German version flyer
Monster Bash Remake Chicago Gaming 2018 3 game flyer, Classic, Special and Limited Editions
Monster Bash Remake Chicago Gaming 2018 KingPin Games version flyer
Monte Carlo Bally 1964 NOT the 1st with mushroom bumpers; used earlier on 'Hootenanny'
Monte Carlo Bally 1973 4 player version of Bally's 1973 'Odds & Evens'
Monte Carlo Gottlieb 1987 3 ball multi-ball, Roulette wheel, 10,000,000 point shot
Monte Carlo Gottlieb 1987 German version flyer
Monte Rosa Sega/Japan 1978 Japanese (Monte Rosa: 22 peaks in the Alps between Italy & Switzerland)
Moon Flight Zaccaria 1976 At end of game, a three-digit match number appears to the left of the score
Moon Shot Bally 1963 A blatant copy of Gottlieb's 1962 'Tropic Isle'
Moon Shot Chicago Coin 1969 4 player version of Chicago Coin's 1969 'Astronaut'
Moto Cross Centro Matic S.A 0 Two score reels on backglass count the laps achieved by the player
Motor Show Mr. Game 1989 Small video monitor in backbox, Unique cabinet, Stereo sound
Motordome Bally 1986 Choice of 3 different skill levels, New alphanumeric display
Motordome Bally 1986 German version flyer
Moulin Rouge Williams 1965 Backbox animation (making 1-10 progressively lights picture in mirror)
Mousin Around Bally 1989 2 cheese block ball locks grab the ball and hold it below the playfield
Movie Masters I.D.I 1978 Conversion kit, Similar playfield as Bally's 1984 'Black Pyramid'
Mr & Mrs Pacman Bally 1982 Video mode "Pac Maze Grid" in the middle of the playfield
Mr & Mrs Pacman Bally 1982 German version flyer
Mr Doom Recel 1979 Similar playfield as Recel's 1978 'Mr. Evil'
Mr Doom Recel 1979 German version, Similar playfield as Recel's 1978 'Mr. Evil'
Mr Evil Recel 1978 Similar playfield as Recel's 1979 'Mr. Doom'
Multimorphic MultiGame Multimorphic 2020 Multi game flyer
Mundial 90 Inder 1990 Same as Inder's 1990 'Flip-VI' but without monitor in backbox
Munsters Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Limited edition flyer
Munsters Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Premium version flyer
Munsters Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Pro version flyer
Munsters Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2019 Chinese version flyer
Music Man Williams 1960 Opened on Broadway in 1957, Made into a Hollywood movie in 1962
Mustang Chicago Coin 1964 The add-a-ball version of this game is Chicago Coin's 1964 'Mustang'
Mustang Gottlieb 1977 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1977 'Bronco'
Mustang Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2014 Limited edition flyer
Mustang Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2014 Premium "Boss" edition
Mustang Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2014 First "Pro" model to have "all LED lighting"
Mystery Castle Alvin G. and Company 1993 The words 'OF DOOM' are hidden in the backglass art under the title
Mystery Score Midway 1965 Pitch-n-bat type machine, Available in Regular, Replay, and Extra Ball models
Mystic Bally 1980 Artist Margaret Hudson posed for the large eye on the backglass
Mystic Marvel Gottlieb 1954 This was the first Gottlieb game to have lights indicating balls played
Mystic Star Zaccaria 1986 Conversion kit, Was shipped as a complete game less circuit boards