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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Alien/Full Throttle Heighway Pinball 2017 Flyer comparing the different features on Alien and Full Throttle
Alien/Full Throttle Heighway Pinball 2017 Cointaker postcard featuring Alien and Full Throttle
Alien/Full Throttle Heighway Pinball 2017 Italian version flyer
F-14 Tomcat Williams 1987 4 flippers, 3 rotating beacons on backbox, 4 ball multi-ball, Jagov kicker
F1 Grand Prix Nuova Bell Games 1987 1st auto ball launcher - ball launches by pressing right flipper button
Faces Sonic 1976 B&W flyer, Similar playfield as Williams 1976 'Grand Prix'
Faces Sonic 1976 Color flyer, Similar playfield as Williams 1976 'Grand Prix'
Faeton Juegos Populares 1985 Playfield has a layout almost identical to Recel's 1979 'D. Quijote'
Fair Fight Recel 1978 The same company made a domestic version as Petaco's 'Fair Fight'
Fair Lady Gottlieb 1956 Similar playfield as Gottlieb's 1956 'Sea Belles'
Fairway Williams 1953 2 flippers, 4 gobble holes, 6 eject holes
Fairy Playmatic 1975 1 player version of Playmatic's 1976 'Fantasy'
Falstaff Gottlieb 1957 4 player, 2 gobble holes, Roto-target, Replays only awarded based on score
Family Fun Game Plan 1979 Cocktail table, Same playfield design as Game Plan's 1979 'Star Trip'
Family Guy Stern Pinball 2007 Stewie mini-playfield, Up-post, Rotating Stewie character
Fan Tas Tic Sega/Japan 1972 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Fan Tas Tic Williams 1972 Pop bumper between the flippers, Captive ball spinner (roulette wheel)
Fandango Playmatic 1976 1 player version of Playmatic's 1976 'Fiesta'
Fans Maresa 0 Playfield layout is similar to Williams 1968 'Doozie'
Fantastic Car I.D.S.A 1986 Fantastic Car was the Spanish response to the U.S TV series 'Knight Rider'
Fantasy Playmatic 1976 4 player version of Playmatic's 1975 'Fairy'
Far Out Gottlieb 1974 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1974 'Out of Sight'
Farfalla Zaccaria 1983 Italian version, Farfalla means butterfly in Italian
Fashion Show Gottlieb 1962 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, Advancing target value disc
Fast Ball Williams 1969 Pitch-n-bat, Widebody, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Fast Ball Williams 1969 Flyer version with red background
Fast Draw Gottlieb 1975 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1975 'Quick Draw'
Fathom Bally 1981 Artist Kevin O'Connor designed the art for the brochure
Fathom Revisited Haggis 2021 Remake of Bally's 1981 'Fathom'
Feria T.D. Llobregat 1964 Playfield glass and its metal frame are hinged, Formica cabinet
Festival Chicago Coin 1966 Appears to be the 1st pinball machine to have carousel roto-targets
Festival T.D. Llobregat 1962 Playfield layout is a copy of Gottlieb's 1962 'Fashion Show'
The Fiery 30's Recel 1974 4 player version of Recel's 1974 'Bang Bang'
Fiesta Playmatic 1976 4 player version of Playmatic's 1976 'Fandango'
Fiesta Williams 1959 The flyer incorrectly states 5 thumper bumpers but there are only 3
Fifty Fifty (50 50) Bally 1965 The largest number of mushroom bumpers on any Bally game
Fifty Jahre Bally (50 Year Bally) Bally 1982 German flyer celebrating Bally's 50 year anniversary
Fire Williams 1987 Rotating light cylinder under playfield simulates building on fire
Fire Williams 1987 Postcard, Playing card size promo given out at trade shows
Fire Champagne Edition Williams 1987 Backbox has rotating light cylinders which are not on the regular version
Fire Cracker Chicago Coin 1963 Flyer states "available also in 2 player added ball model"
Fire Mountain Zaccaria 1980 Associated Leisure version flyer
Fire Mountain Zaccaria 1980 Similar playfield to Bally's 1977 'Night Rider'
Fire Queen Gottlieb 1977 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1977 'Vulcan'
Fireball Bally 1976 Home model (no coins), Sold in Sears in 1978 for about $700
Fireball Bally 1972 First game to use a whirlwind spinner, Originally sold for $895
Fireball Centro Matic S.A 1973 1 player version of the 4 player Bally's 1972 'Fireball'
Fireball 2 Bally 1981 2 level playfield, Little demon post, Dave Christiansen's last for Bally
Fireball Classic Bally 1985 Solid State re-make of the 1972 'Fireball' similar art, No zipper flippers
Fireball Classic Bally 1985 German version flyer
Firecracker Bally 1971 Used in Kelsey's Bar on the T.V show 'All in the Family'
Firecracker Bally 1971 German version flyer
Firepower Williams 1980 Academy award 4 page flyer, "best in industry" award
Firepower Williams 1980 Introduced 'lane change' activated by pressing the right flipper button
Firepower 2 Williams 1983 Used excess backboxes from the production run of Williams 1981 'Hyperball'
Fish Tales Williams 1992 German version flyer
Fish Tales Williams 1992 Ball-launching catapult next to the rotary reel lock, Moving fish topper
Fish Tales Williams 1992 Shot map
FJ Hankin 1978 Australian, 'FJ' refers to the Australian automobile model "FJ"
Flag Ship Gottlieb 1957 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 2 passive bumpers, 2 slingshots, 3 gobble holes
Flame Of Athens Allied Leisure 1978 Cocktail table, Same as Fascination's 'Eros One'
Flamenco Show T.D. Llobregat 0 The backglass indicates the manufacturer is "Automatics"
Flash Sega/Japan 1979 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Flash Williams 1979 Steve Ritchie's 1st design for Williams, 1st game with background sound
Flash Williams 1979 German version, Fold-out
Flash Baseball Midway 1972 Pitch-n-bat, Ball pitching and batting devices, 8-track sound
Flash Dragon Playmatic 1986 Beating high score receives Polaroid photo from camera in backbox
Flash Gordon Bally 1981 Bally's 1st double level playfield, 1st with "Squawk and Talk" sound
Flicker Bally 1975 2 player version of Bally's 1974 'Boomerang'
Flight 2000 Stern Electronics 1980 Widebody, 1st talking Stern game using the VSU-100 speech board
Flight 2000 Stern Electronics 1980 German version flyer, Widebody
The Flintstones ICE 1994 Redemption game, Reverse "club" flippers, Dispenses tickets
The Flintstones Williams 1994 Bowling alley, Rock slicer, Smart ramps, Bronto crane
Flip 6 Inder 1990 Same as Inder's 1990 'Mundial 90' but with monitor in backbox
Flip A Card Gottlieb 1970 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1970 'Card Trix'
Flip Flop Bally 1976 1 of 3 machines by Bally with flip cards, 1st with D.C current on bumpers
Flipp Foto Weiko 1979 Add-on device snaps a polaroid picture when the player wins a free game
Flipper Gottlieb 1960 French version made for S.O.G.E.D.A. the Gottlieb distributor in France
Flipper Gottlieb 1960 First add-a-ball machine and introduced the concept of extended play
Flipper Clown Gottlieb 1962 Mechanical backbox animation, Twin roto-targets, Add-a-ball
Flipper Cowboy Gottlieb 1962 Backbox animation (cowboy shoots at target), Twin roto-targets
Flipper Fair Gottlieb 1961 Similar playfield as Gottlieb's 1966 'Cross Town', Backbox animation
Flipper Football Capcom 1996 Timed play, Adult language, 1st game with Dot Matrix under playfield glass
Flipper Football Capcom 1996 German version flyer
The Flipper Game Recel 1980 Recel's export version, Petaco made domestic version with the same name
The Flipper Game Petaco 1980 Petaco's domestic version, Recel made export version with the same name
Flipper Parade Gottlieb 1961 Backbox animation (cannon fires ball), Add-a-ball
Flipper Pool Gottlieb 1965 Backbox animation (mini pool balls drop when playfield targets are hit)
Flipperland NR.1 Bally 1984 German version flyer, Celebrating that Bally pinball is #1
Flying Carpet Gottlieb 1972 Same playfield design used later on Mirco Games 1975 'Spirit of 76'
Flying Chariots Gottlieb 1963 Target Alley is the long center lane with variable values for the center target
Flying Circus Gottlieb 1961 French version flyer
Flying Circus Gottlieb 1961 New "Chain Reaction" feature awards Special when 5 balls on lit side
Flying High Centro Matic S.A 1977 Also produced as a 4 player solid state game in 1978
Flying High Gottlieb 1953 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 8 trap holes
Flying Turns Midway 1964 Widebody, Backbox animation (cars race around track), Turret shooter
Follow The Dancing Pinball Stern Electronics 1980 Stern aquires Seeburg to begin making video games
Foo Fighters Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2023 Limited edition version flyer
Foo Fighters Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2023 Premium version flyer
Foo Fighters Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2023 Pro version flyer
Football Europe Flipper Automatenbau Förster 1967 Head to head pinball, English version
Football Europe Flipper Automatenbau Förster 1967 Head to head pinball, French version
Force 2 Gottlieb 1981 German version flyer, 2 ball multi-ball, 4 flippers
Force 2 Gottlieb 1981 Widebody, 2 ball multi-ball, 4 flippers
Formula 1 Recel 1980 Nine cars against the machine, 2 flippers, Pay-out tray
Fortune Recel 1976 The 4 player version of this game is Recel's 1976 'Lady Luck'
Foto Finish Gottlieb 1961 Made in both woodrail and metal-rail format
Four Aces (4 Aces) Williams 1970 Widebody, Electromagnets on playfield hold ball for bonus count
Four Bagger Deluxe (4 Bagger) Williams 1956 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Four Corners (4 Corners) Williams 1952 16 trap holes, Combines elements of a bingo machine with flipper pinball
The 4 Horsemen Gottlieb 1950 4 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, Blocking 'V' gate between flippers
Four Million B.C Bally 1971 3 ball multi-ball, Zipper flippers, A special version was made for Germany
Four Million B.C Sega/Japan 1971 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Four Queens (4 Queens) Bally 1970 B&W, 1 player, Zipper flippers
Four Roses (4 Roses) Williams 1962 Reverse wedgehead, 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 4 rotating targets
Four Seasons Gottlieb 1968 Poster Flyer, 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 rotating arrow bumpers
Four Square (4 Square) Gottlieb 1971 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1971 'Astro'
Four Star (4 Star) Williams 1958 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, Gobble hole
Four Stars Gottlieb 1952 Postcard, Similar to Gottlieb's 1952 'Quartette'
Four X Four (4X4) Maresa 0 Copy of Gottlieb's 1971 '4 Square'
Foxy Lady Game Plan 1978 Cocktail table, Resulted from left-overs of Game Plan's 'Black Velvet'
Foxy Lady Game Plan 1978 Version 2, Model has a different pose than standard flyer
Foxy Lady Game Plan 1978 German version flyer
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Gottlieb 1995 Frank Thomas was a first baseman for the Chicago White Sox
Freddy A Nightmare On Elm Sreet Gottlieb 1994 A unique Up-post between the bottom flippers is designated as the "claw ball save"
Freddy A Nightmare On Elm Sreet Gottlieb 1994 Postcard, Dutch version flyer
Free Fall Gottlieb 1974 Postcard, Add-a-ball version of 'Sky Jump', Italian version is 'Sky Dive'
Freedom Bally 1976 Produced in both E.M and S.S, Redesigned playfield after flyer was printed
Freefall Stern Electronics 1981 Widebody, Center playfield kicker routes balls to elevated tramway
Freshie Williams 1949 "Impulse flippers" flips both flippers regardless which button is pressed
Friendship 7 Williams 1962 Astronaut John Glenn piloted the 'Friendship 7' into space in 1962
Frontier Bally 1980 Bally employees depicted on backglass
Frontiersman Gottlieb 1955 The last Gottlieb with wooden legs
Full House Williams 1966 Replay version of Williams 1966 'Top Hand'
Full Throttle Launch Party Heighway Pinball 2015 Official launch party flyer
Full Throttle Standard Heighway Pinball 2015 Standard edition flyer
Fun Ball Midway 1966 Pitch-n-bat, Available in Regular, Replay, and extended play models
Fun Cruise Bally 1966 Italian add-a-ball version of 'Fun Cruise', No flippers
Fun Fair Genco 1958 Last by Genco, Production continued with Chicago Dynamic Industries
Fun Fair Gottlieb 1968 Italian add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1968 'Fun Land'
Fun Fest Sega/Japan 1973 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Fun Fest Williams 1973 4 player version of 'Swinger', Beatles likeness in backglass?
Fun House Williams 1956 Three unique 'trap doors' open up when lit to become gobble holes
Fun Land Gottlieb 1968 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1968 'Fun Park'
Fun Park Gottlieb 1968 Postcard, Add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1968 'Fun Land'
Funhouse Williams 1990 German version flyer, 4 page
Funhouse Williams 1990 Pinmation Rudy head watches you, Upper loop has a "trapdoor"
Fussball Europa Flipper Automatenbau Förster 1967 Head to head pinball, German version
Futbol CMC Cresmatic 1997 Time-controlled game, Reportedly, Cresmatic is a manufacturer of slot machines
Future Queen Nuova Bell Games 1987 New style cabinet, Available as a kit, Headlights on top of backbox
Future Spa Bally 1979 Widebody, 1st Bally game to use continuous background sound
Future Spa Bally 1979 Associated Leisure version flyer
Future World Zaccaria 1978 4 player version of Zaccaria's 1979 'Space City'
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega 1995 Frankenstein figure throws balls at flippers or bumpers, 6 player
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega 1995 German version flyer
Space Rider/Fly High Geiger 1980 Conversion kits for Bally's Harlem Globetrotters & Supersonic