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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Galactic Tank Force American Pinball 2023 With live actors, cutting-edge graphics and gripping gameplay
Galahad Bally 1970 2 player version of Bally's 1970 'Camelot'
Galaxie Gottlieb 1971 English flyer, Italian add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1971 'Dimension'
Galaxie Gottlieb 1971 Italian flyer, Add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1971 'Dimension'
Galaxy Sega/Japan 1973 Japanese flyer, Original game design
Galaxy Stern Electronics 1980 Possibly the 1st machine to have computer-controlled general illumination
Galaxy Stern Electronics 1980 German version flyer
Galaxy Ranger Bally 1978 Home model (non-commercial machine - no coins)
Gamatron Pinstar 1985 Conversion kit produced by Pinstar (a company owned by Gary Stern)
Gamatron Pinstar 1985 Conversion kit for early solid state Bally & Stern games, Single sided flyer
Gamatron Sonic 1986 Similar playfield as Stern's 1980 'Flight 2000'
Game Of Thrones Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2015 Limited edition flyer
Game of Thrones Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2015 Based on the HBO T.V series
Game Show Bally 1990 2 ball multi-ball, Bell rings when ball enters hole behind the car sinkhole
The Games Gottlieb 1984 The last machine from Mylstar before being purchased by Premier Technology
The Games NSM/Lowen 1985 The playfield is the same as Gottlieb's 1984 'The Games'
Gator Bally 1969 German version of Bally's 1969 'Alligator'
Gaucho Gottlieb 1963 The rollunder is at the top of the shooter alley, Wide flipper gap
Gay 90's Williams 1970 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 drop targets, Swinging target, Up-post
Gay Paree Williams 1957 "Last Ball" light on backglass
Geisha Playmatic 1973 Produced in both 1 Player and 2 Player models
Gemini 2000 Taito do Brasil 1982 Concept is similar to Stern's 'Flight 2000'. Playfield layout is similar to Bally's 'Centaur'
Genesis Gottlieb 1986 This game was inspired by the 1927 German film 'Metropolis'
Genie Gottlieb 1979 Gottlieb's answer to Bally’s super wide pinball machine Paragon
Georgia Williams 1950 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 6 kick-out holes, Tilt penalty is ball in play
Getaway Allied Leisure 1977 Three lanes on right playfield have gates that change direction of ball
The Getaway Williams 1992 German version flyer
The Getaway Williams 1992 Shot map
The Getaway Williams 1992 High Speed II, "Supercharger" Magnetic ball accelerator, Gear shifter
Ghostbusters Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2016 Limited edition flyer
Ghostbusters Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2016 Premium version flyer
Ghostbusters Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2016 Art by renowned illustrator Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti
Ghostbusters Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2016 Chinese version flyer
Gigi Gottlieb 1963 First game with a 'Bonus Score' feature collected at the end of the game
Gilligan's Island Bally 1991 First Bally game to use a Dot Matrix Display (DMD)
Gilligan's Island Bally 1991 Shot map
Gin Chicago Coin 1974 1 player E.M, Convertible to add-a-ball
Gladiator Gottlieb 1956 Backglass states 'Amusement Pinballs, as American as Baseball & Hot Dogs'
Gladiators Gottlieb 1993 4 flippers, Multi-ball, Extra ball buy-in
Gladiators Gottlieb 1993 Japanese version distributed by SAMMY
Glamor Gottlieb 1951 4 flippers, Blocking 'V' gate between flippers
Glamour Lites Jack Rogers 1959 A version of Gottlieb's 1956 'Harbor Lites'
Globe Trotter Gottlieb 1951 Kick-out hole between flippers, 2 reverse flippers, 2 normal upper flippers
Go Cart Keeney 1963 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 5 passive bumpers, 6 stand-up targets
Go Girl Custom 1995 Postcard, Re-themed Williams 'Earthshaker', Camera and monitor in backbox
The Godfather Collectors Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2023 Collectors edition flyer
The Godfather L.E & C.E Jersey Jack Pinball 2023 Limited edition and collectors addition
The Godfather Limited Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2023 Limited edition flyer
The Godfather Petaco 0 Petaco made an export version as Recel's 1974 'The Godfather'
Godzilla Sega 1998 Ball diverter drops ball out of Godzilla's mouth, 4 magnets
Godzilla Sega 1998 German version flyer
Godzilla Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2021 Limited edition flyer
Godzilla Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2021 Premium version flyer
Godzilla Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2021 Pro edition flyer
Gold Ball Bally 1983 Has 2 balls but no multi-ball, When gold ball is in play all scores are tripled
Gold Ball Bally 1983 German version flyer
Gold Record Chicago Coin 1975 4 player version of Chicago Coin's 1975 'Top Ten'
Gold Rush Bally 1966 Also made in an Italian add-a-ball version, Backbox animation
Gold Rush Williams 1971 4 player version of Williams 1971 'Klondike'
Gold Star Gottlieb 1954 7 gobble holes (3 have plastic surrounds so they can be lit)
Gold Strike Gottlieb 1975 Postcard, Add-a-ball version of 'El Dorado', Italian version is 'Lucky Strike'
Gold Wings Gottlieb 1986 4 flippers, 2 ball multi-ball, Air raid siren in cabinet
Gold Wings Vifico 1986 Vifico S.A. built Gottlieb games under license from 1985 to 1989
Golden Arrow Gottlieb 1977 The last western themed single player E.M from Gottlieb
Golden Bells Williams 1959 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 kick-out holes, 1 gobble hole
Golden Cue Sega 1998 Tournament edition flyer
Golden Cue Sega 1998 Never produced, Later redesigned as Stern's 'Sharkey's Shootout'
Golden Gloves Chicago Coin 1949 Postcard, Similar playfield as Chicago Coin's 1949 'Football'
Golden Gloves Williams 1960 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, Gobble hole
Goldeneye Sega 1996 Magnetic ball capturing satellite, Timed magnet save
Goldeneye Sega 1996 German version flyer
Gondolier Gottlieb 1958 4 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 2 gobble holes, 3 bulls-eye targets
Gorgar Williams 1979 The 1st talking pinball commercially released. Tom Erhart did the voice
Gorth Play 21 1986 Bumper strength can be regulated by dip switch settings
Granada Williams 1972 Add-a-ball version of Williams 1972 'Spanish Eyes'
Grand Champion Williams 1953 Points are displayed in the upper right backglass using a step-up unit
Grand Lizard Williams 1986 4 flippers, Magna-Save, 2 or 3 ball multi-ball, Timed drop targets
Grand Prix Stern Pinball 2005 Same as Nascar but made available outside of North America
Grand Prix Williams 1976 Similar playfield as Williams 1977 'Liberty Bell'
Grand Slam Bally 1983 2 player version is Bally's 1983 'Grand Slam'.
Grand Slam Gottlieb 1953 Depicts female baseball players, 5 outlanes between the flippers
Grand Slam Gottlieb 1972 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1972 'World Series'
Grand Slam Williams 1964 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Grand Tour Bally 1964 Replay version of Bally's 1964 'Happy Tour', New 'Butterfly' Rollovers
Grande Domino Gottlieb 1968 Made exclusively for the Italian market
Granny And The Gators Bally 1984 Combination of a scaled down pinball machine and a video game
Green Pastures Gottlieb 1954 Bumpers must be hit in an order similar to wickets in a croquet game
Gridiron Gottlieb 1977 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1973 'Pro Football'
Gridiron Williams 1969 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (football on playing field & clock)
Gridiron Williams 1984 Pitch-n-bat, Conversion kit for Williams 1984 'Pennant Fever'
Groovy Gottlieb 1970 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1970 'Crescendo'
Guardians Of The Galaxy L.E Stern Pinball 2017 Limited edition flyer
Guardians Of The Galaxy Premium Stern Pinball 2017 Premium model flyer
Guardians Of The Galaxy Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2017 Pro version flyer
Gulfstream Sega/Japan 1973 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Gulfstream Williams 1973 The first Williams game to use their "gear" style of pop bumper cap
Gun Club Williams 1953 2 flippers, 2 thumper bumpers, 3 kick-out holes
Gun Men Staal 1977 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 2 (4) bank drop targets
Gun Smoke Chicago Coin 1968 First American game with round Up-post between the flippers
Guns N Roses Data East 1994 Widebody, Plays 9 songs, 6 ball multi-ball, Rose-shaped ball-shooter
Guns N Roses Data East 1994 German version flyer
Guns N Roses Collector's Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2021 Collector's edition flyer
Guns N Roses Combo Jersey Jack Pinball 2020 Combo flyer with all 3 models
Guns N Roses Limited Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2020 Limited edition flyer
Guns N Roses Standard Edition Jersey Jack Pinball 2020 Standard edition flyer
Gusher Williams 1958 First game to feature a disappearing jet bumper
Guys Dolls Gottlieb 1953 The musical 'Guys and Dolls' opened on Broadway in 1950
Gypsy Queen Gottlieb 1955 Quite similar to Gottlieb's 1955 'Sweet Add-a-Line'
Laser Ball/Gorgar Williams 1979 French flyer from distributor Salmon
Terminator 2/Gilligan's Island/TMNT Kendo 1991 French distributor flyer promoting multiple games