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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Icarus Recel 1977 3 drop targets with 3 stand-up targets behind them
Ice Fever Gottlieb 1985 Backbox animation of hockey puck
Ice Mania I.D.I 1978 Conversion kit for Gottlieb widebody pins, Last pinball made by I.D.I
Ice Revue Gottlieb 1965 Replay version of Gottlieb's 1966 'Ice Show'
Ice Show Gottlieb 1966 Reproduction Italian postcard by collector Frederico Croci
Ice Show Gottlieb 1966 Italian add-a-ball version of Gottlieb's 1965 'Ice Revue'
Impact Recreativos Franco 1975 4 player version of Recreativos Franco's 1975 'Impacto'
The Incredible Hulk Gottlieb 1979 Gottlieb's first effort at a solid state platform
Independence Day Sega 1996 Speech from the Motion picture, Alien head multi-ball lock
Independence Day Sega 1996 German version flyer
Indiana Jones Stern Pinball 2008 Based on all 4 movies, Multi-ball (8 ball), Multi-ball Ark, 2 playfield magnets
Indiana Jones Williams 1993 Widebody, Player controlled tilting upper playfield, Rotating idol head
Indiana Jones Williams 1993 German version fold-out flyer, Player controlled tilting upper playfield
Indiana Jones Williams 1993 Dutch version flyer
Indiana Jones Pre Release Stern Pinball 2008 Pre-release single sided flyer with no text
Indianapolis T.D. Llobregat 1960 Tubular metal legs. Metal rails with a cigarette holder on each rail
Indianapolis 500 Bally 1995 One of the first pinball machines to feature light up targets
Indianapolis 500 Bally 1995 German version flyer
InterRail Custom 1973 Postcard, Custom conversion of a Williams 1973 'OXO'
Invasion Stratogy Komputer Dynamics 1975 Unique head to head pinball unveiled at the 1975 trade show in Chicago
Io Moon Sleic 1994 Artwork depict the spaceship and black monolith from "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Iron Balls Unidesa/Cirsa/Stargame 1987 The looping captured ball feature holds four of the five captive balls
Iron Maiden Stern Electronics 1981 Widebody, Multi-ball (3 ball), Two-level playfield, 4 flippers
Iron Maiden Backglass Promo Stern Pinball 2018 Pro version backglass flyer
Iron Maiden Comic Book Stern Pinball 2018 Legacy of the beast 14 page comic book
Iron Maiden Limited Edition Stern Pinball 2018 Based on the rock band Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Premium Edition Stern Pinball 2018 Based on the rock band Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2018 Based on the rock band Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Pro Edition Stern Pinball 2018 Chinese version flyer
Iron Man Stern Pinball 2010 Single sided flyer
Iron Man Vault Edition Stern Pinball 2014 Pro vault edition flyer