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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Oasis Exhibit 1950 Outhole has a separate kick-back lane to score 250,000 points & special when lit
Oceans Deep Famaresa 0 Playfield similar to Gottlieb's 1975 'Fast Draw'
Odds & Evens Bally 1973 2 player version of Bally's 1973 'Monte Carlo'
Odin Deluxe Sonic 1985 Similar to the Spanish made Peyper's 1985 'Odin'
Odisea Peyper 1987 Manufactured by SEGA Sonic with a Peyper license
Official Baseball Williams 1960 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox animation (players run bases)
Official Baseball Williams 1960 Pitch-n-bat, Question and answer info sheet
Oh Boy Williams 1964 2 flippers, 5 pop bumpers, 4 passive bumpers, 2 outlane kickers
Oklahoma Gottlieb 1961 The first Gottlieb 4 Player machine with the new 'metal-rail' cabinet
Oklahoma United 1949 United referred to their flippers as "control kickers" on this game
Oktoberfest American Pinball 2019 Details of playfield features on back
Oktoberfest American Pinball 2019 Prototype flyer - Obscured playfield on back
Oktoberfest American Pinball 2019 Revised production flyer
Oktoberfest American Pinball 2019 KingPin Games version flyer
Old Chicago Bally 1976 Gangster John Dillinger depicted on the backglass
Old Faithful Gottlieb 1949 Old Faithful is a geyser located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
Old Plantation Keeney 1961 Essentially a slot machine with a flipperless pinball playfield attached
Olympic Games Jeutel 1984 Postcard, The German flag in the lower left corner of the backglass is upside down
Olympic Goblin Phenix Pinball 2018 Renamed to Goblin Contest due to a permissions issue with the term "olympic"
Olympic Hockey Sega/Japan 1972 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
Olympic Hockey Williams 1972 Backbox animation (puck moves across hockey rink)
Olympics Chicago Coin 1975 2 player version of Chicago Coin's 1975 'Super Star'
Olympics Gottlieb 1962 Backbox light animation (olympic cities light up), 2 flippers
Olympics Williams 1952 Pressing either flipper button briefly pulses both flipper simultaneously
On Beam Bally 1969 Backglass shows space station and ship traveling on any of 4 beams
Op Pop Pop Bally 1969 Operator setting for either 'Replay' or 'Shoot Again' modes
Operation Thunder Gottlieb 1992 All Gottlieb machines after Operation Thunder used dot-matrix displays
Operation Thunder Gottlieb 1992 German version flyer
Orbit Gottlieb 1971 4 player version of Gottlieb's 1972 'Outer Space'
Orbit 1 Hankin 1978 First Australian made pinball machine
Orbitor 1 Stern Electronics 1982 Widebody, Moon-like cratered playfield, 2 ball multi-ball, Speech
Out Of Sight Gottlieb 1974 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1974 'Far Out'
Outer Space Gottlieb 1972 2 player version of Gottlieb's 1971 'Orbit'
Overwatch Custom 2024 Homebrew pinball inspired by the Xbox game
Oxford Maresa 0 Similar to Gottlieb's 1969 'College Queens'
OXO Sega/Japan 1973 Japanese version, American game distributed by Sega / Japan
OXO Williams 1973 Tic-tac-toe matrix in center playfield lit from underneath