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The pinball flyers in the database begin in the late 1940s coinciding with the advent of the “flipper” in 1947. The collection incorporates flyers from around the world and also includes baseball (pitch-n-bat) flyers. The flyers have been scanned in high resolution and “cleaned up” in Photoshop to remove imperfections such as stain marks, loose-leaf holes, or fold marks etc. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or have a flyer to share.

What is a Pinball Flyer?

A pinball flyer is a sales brochure created by the manufacturers to advertise and promote the arrival of their latest machine. They usually show a colorful picture of the machine and sometimes a close-up of the playfield. They are also a great reference tool as they usually describe many of the features and details of the game. The manufacturers were always certain this “new and improved” model would become the biggest money-maker of all time! Some brochures were mailed out to game operators but most were typically handed out at trade shows or game distributors.

Some people collect coin-op flyers just like any other hobby item such as automobile brochures or movie posters, etc. Others want the flyers for the games they own to frame and hang on the wall next to their prized machine. I like collecting them for fun. Not only are they historically noteworthy, they’re simply nice to look at. You would be amazed at how much you can learn about the machines from reading the brochures. My goal is to build as complete a collection as possible and share it with the general public.

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