World Cup Soccer

Bally 1994

World Cup Soccer pinball is loaded with plenty of high-tech thrills and features. With its stadium shaped playfield, pivoting goalie, spinning soccer ball, magnetic ball lock and magna-goal save, World Cup Soccer is a massive hit with soccer and pinball fans alike! The game stars Striker the dog who was the official mascot of the 94′ World Cup.

The player has to aim and score a goal while the goalie pivots left and right to defend. If the goalie blocks your shot, the announcer shouts out “WHAT A SAVE!” Scoring a goal in World Cup Soccer never gets old when you hear the enthusiastic announcer yell “GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!”

Currently in storage

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This machine is currently in storage awaiting restoration. We will post photos of the machine when the restoration is complete and the machine has entered our showroom. If you are interested in purchasing this title and would like to discuss having this machine restored sooner, please contact us.