Star Trek: The Next Generation

Williams 1993

There are 2 ball cannons mounted on top of the king-size slingshots. Take aim and fire phasers with the pull of a trigger and watch the ball propel out the cannon! Almost all of the shots that can be made with the flippers can also be made using the cannons! There is a Borg ship in the top area of the playfield. The upper left ramp can feed balls into this ship when lock is lit. The ship will shoot this ball towards you at the beginning of multiball, with very high speed! A very long wireframe ramp goes all the way from the ball launching catapult swirling around above the playfield and landing the ball in the right loop (bumper area).


This price reflects a high end, no expense spared restoration. We also offer standard restorations at a reduced cost. Please contact us to discuss options! 


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