Phantom of the Opera

Data East Pinball 1990

As the Phantom, scurry across the Catwalk, walk behind the Magic Mirror, then arise from the Trap Door behind the stage. Choose between the Scorpion and the Grasshopper, play the Organ to start three-ball multiball and steel yourself against the sight of the Phantom’s disfigured face.

Fantastic art on the playfield and backglass by Paul Faris. The organ music sounds rich in Stereo. The art, music and lightshow give the pinball machine its fitting atmosphere. The magic mirror feature is loads of fun, be ready for it when the ball pops out.

Currently in storage

image gallery coming soon!

This machine is currently in storage awaiting restoration. We will post photos of the machine when the restoration is complete and the machine has entered our showroom. If you are interested in purchasing this title and would like to discuss having this machine restored sooner, please contact us.