Creature from the Black Lagoon Restoration

I bought this Creature from the Black Lagoon from a collector who bought it restored from someone off the internet. There were so many things I didn’t like about the restoration work that was done I don’t even know where to begin…¬†Here it a ‘partial’ list of the parts used in this restoration. Full decal set, chrome siderails – lockdown bar and legs, new hologram, backbox latches, lane guides, green post sleeves, various playfield plastics and blue slingshot, plastic protectors, snack bar decals, teal bumper caps and green LED’s, yellow flipper bats with green rubbers, snack bar outhole protector, all new ramps, decal set, snack bar decals, scoop weld, various coils replaced, new playfield glass, new flipper assemblies, new DMD display, new balls, new rubbers, leg casters, leg bolts, flipper buttons etc ….

Before gallery

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