Williams 1985

Comet was the first in a trilogy of pinball machines, later followed by Cyclone and then Hurricane. It was designed by Barry Oursler, who was inspired by the Comet roller coaster at Riverview Park in Chicago. It was the first pinball machine to offer the player the ability to score one million points in a single shot!

Players are tasked with navigating the carnival, with a focus on the central ramp which represents the Comet roller-coaster. Rabbits and ducks are featured on the shooting gallery targets. A stand-out feature is the motorcycle jump ramp. Players launch the ball, aiming at one of three targets. The first target is worth 20,000, the second is worth 50,000, and the third is worth 200,000!


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This machine has been completed and pictures will be updated soon. If you are interested in purchasing this machine please contact us.