Theatre of Magic

Bally 1995

One of the most popular pinball machines to ever be released, Theatre of Magic features magical toys and gadgets that impress players to this day. The centerpiece of the game is the magic trunk. The magic trunk spins and magnetically lifts the ball off the playfield – as if by magic! Other illusions include the levitating woman, safe escape, spirit ring floating ball, vanish and tiger saw multiball. Just when you thought this was “tricky” enough, there’s also a trap door from the haunted basement full of rewards. You will be amazed when the hokus pokus drain feature actually saves the ball from draining!


This price reflects a high end, no expense spared restoration. This machine is in better condition than when it was new. This machine has an original cabinet and clearcoated playfield. Every square inch of every part on this machine has been cleaned and restored. 

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