The Simpsons Pinball Party

Stern Pinball 2005

This machine is a Home Use Only machine meaning it has never been used in a commercial environment. It will receive a cleaning and polishing and a light amount of tuning to make it like new. This game has stood the test of time and is highly sought after among pinball collectors. The playfield is packed with features and will keep you entertained for many years. The holy grail for a Simpsons fan! The game features a talking-moving Homer head and Bart on a skateboard attached to a captive ball feature, as well as Itchy & Scratchy drop targets and Comic Book Guy. The garage door in THE SIMPSONS house leads to the second playfield level which features a dot matrix color television, a monorail that transports the ball across the playfield and a couch that when filled with three pinballs starts multi-ball. 


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This machine is classified as “home use only” and has never been used in a commercial environment. It has low plays and when finished it will be like new. A few highlights of what I have planned are to disassemble and polish the playfield, new rubber, upgrade to LED lighting. Cabinets on this generation machine used paint and not decals. Cabinet will be protected and preserved with a polyurethane finish.

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