The Shadow

Bally 1994

This game has to have one of the most intense sound tracks of any pinball machine ever. It feels like you’re in Radio City Music Hall. The sound just engulfs you. They also throw in, very subtly, lines from the movie. The art has a beautiful dark theme and layout. It genuinely feels like you’re in one of those old films from the 40s and 50s. The art deco style of the playfield is just inspiring. The game-play offers many tricky shots that you want to keep trying over and over. The playfield has an outstanding flow. The playfield has many different toys to play around with. There are really fast outer/inner loops, the famous Sanctum target magnet that traps the ball in a very unique way. The upper left Mini-Battlefield playfield alone is worth the price of admission. The “phurba” diverters are player controlled and re-direct the ball, assuming you have quick reflexes.


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