Bally 1979

All original with an excellent condition backglass and playfield. This Paragon will be fully refurbished. Cabinet art will be original with clear coating. Original playfield will also be clear coated. More details coming soon!


image gallery coming soon!

This machine is currently in storage awaiting restoration. We will post photos of the machine when the restoration is complete and the machine has entered our showroom. If you are interested in purchasing this title and would like to discuss having this machine restored sooner, please contact us.

This machine is in amazing condition for it’s age and I have a plan to restore it while keeping it’s original playfield and cabinet artwork. The playfield will require some minor touch-ups and will be clearcoated with polyurethane to protect it and level the playfield surface. This will be a time consuming project but one I look forward to, haven’t played this game in years!

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