Jurassic Park

Data East 1993

Jurassic Park has lots of artwork and graphics from the award winning movie, and features voices from all of the main characters as well. The main feature is an animated T-Rex that roars at you while he moves side to side and up and down to snatch the ball off the playfield and swallow it! As if that wasn’t enough they made the entire machine shake and vibrate when in the T-Rex modes. Obviously this is the only game that has a ball eating dinosaur on the playfield:) You will see and hear scenes from the movie on the DMD (dot matrix display) and in some interactive video modes you can shoot what’s on the screen using the tazer stun gun with smart missiles! Everything comes to life with the BSMT stereo sound system. And let’s not forget that Jurassic Park has an earthshaking 6 ball multiball that will really test your reflexes! A great game for kids but plenty of skill and fun for the adults too!


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