Creature from the Black Lagoon

Bally 1993

The theme for Creature from the Black Lagoon was borrowed from the 1954 cult classic movie of the same name. The game recreates some classic scenes from the film on the dot matrix display. One of your goals is to find the Creature and rescue the girl, once multiball begins, the Creature appears from under the playfield in a 3-D moving hologram. “And Now….On With The Show!” The drive in theme is captured flawlessly using many classic 50’s tunes. The 5 songs are:

  • Get a Job (Silhouettes)
  • Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)
  • Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley and the Comets)
  • Hand Jive (Johnny Otis)
  • Red River Rock (Johnny and the Hurricanes)


This price reflects a high end, no expense spared restoration. We also offer standard restorations at a reduced cost. Please contact us to discuss options! 

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This machine is currently in storage awaiting restoration. We will post photos of the machine when the restoration is complete and the machine has entered our showroom. If you are interested in purchasing this title and would like to discuss having this machine restored sooner, please contact us. 


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