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Flyer Manufacturer Year Comments
Champion Baseball Genco 1955 Pitch-n-bat, Backbox light animation (players run bases), Match feature
Fun Fair Genco 1958 Last by Genco, Production continued with Chicago Dynamic Industries
Hi Fly Genco 1956 Pitch-n-bat, 3 outs per inning, Adjustable for 1, 2 or 3 innings
Puddin Head Genco 1948 Postcard, Offspring of 'Screwball'
Quarterback Genco 1957 Pitch-and-bat with a football theme
Rip Snorter Genco 1949 One of Genco's first flipper pinball machines
Showboat Genco 1957 Postcard, New metal legs
South Pacific Genco 1950 Similar playfield as Genco's 1950 'Mercury' and Genco's 1950 'Rocket'
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