Avengers Blue LE

Stern Pinball 2013

Super limited to only 250 units produced, Stern’s original Avengers machine features:

  • Stern Pinball Custom-Molded, Fully Decorated Hulk
  • “Raging Hulk” Animated Target with Magnet
  • “Spinning Tesseract” Cube Target 
  • Stainless Steel Launch Ramp 
  • Drop Targets spellout H-U-L-K 
  • “Loki” Multiball 
  • “Gamma Ray” Ball Eject
  • 4 Ball Multiball

Blue LE Model $9,495

image gallery coming soon!

This machine is currently in storage awaiting restoration. We will post photos of the machine when the restoration is complete and the machine has entered our showroom. If you are interested in purchasing this title and would like to discuss having this machine restored sooner, please contact us. 

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