Avengers Blue LE

Stern Pinball 2013

Limited Edition: 156 of only 250 made! Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Home Use Only, low plays. Looks like brand new and plays like brand new! It also has a custom Tesseract Cube added to the spinning turntable in the center of the playfield. Great game in BEAUTIFUL mint condition!

The Hulk mechanism is one of the best “bash toys” ever used in a pinball machine. It interacts with the ball due to the magnet in front of the Hulk figurine. When a ball hits The Hulk, he reacts by rotating left and right and moving his arms up and down to punch the ball away, and Hulk will definitely have a few things to say about you hitting him with the ball!

Blue LE Model $7,995

limited edition image gallery

This machine is classified as “home use only” and has never been used in a commercial environment.