Austin Powers

Stern Pinball 2001

Dr. Evil has his sights set on defeating Austin once and for all, and the best way to end the threat is by racking up points! Using the flippers will help the player destroy the fem-bots, escape the mutant sea bass, and more. If the player makes it to the moon-base showdown, they will take on the toughest enemies.

Austin Powers pinball turns you on with all the shots: a spinning mini-me, an Austin that boogies, Dr. Evil’s hidden lair, a time machine, and a frickin’ laser beam that shoots real pinballs! Your favorite characters say their most groovy lines, while Austin’s theme music, “Soul Bossa Nova,” keeps you groovin…


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This machine is classified as “home use only” meaning it has only been used in someone’s home and not in a commercial environment. Although this is usually positive news regarding the machine’s condition, it will still need to be returned to pristine condition. In most cases, improvements are made, in this case we upgraded the lighting with LED’s. Stern games from this generation had painted cabinets not decals. We spray a polyurethane clearcoat to protect and preserve the cabinet for years to come.