AC/DC Premium Edition

Stern Pinball 2017

AC/DC Premium perfectly captures the vibe of one of the most legendary rock bands in the world. The gameplay centers around 12 unique song modes based on the band’s biggest hits, including Back in Black, Thunderstruck and Highway to Hell. Complete them all to play the spectacular encore wizard mode. Tour, album and jam multi-ball modes can be played separately or combined for huge scoring! The playfield is packed full of features including the hells bells swinging newton ball pendulum, a molded rock ‘n roll train, the underworld lower mini-playfield, a TNT detonator, a moving band members diorama and a rotating ball cannon.

Premium Edition $13,495

Premium Edition image gallery

This machine is classified as “home use only” meaning it has only been used in someone’s home and not in a commercial environment. Although this is usually positive news regarding the machine’s condition, it will still need to be returned to pristine condition. In this case a few improvements were made such as the color display, backlit speakers, backbox topper, cannon mod and a volume control on the front of the cabinet.